EPDM Flat Roofing Membrane Western Canada

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TTR is an energy-efficient rubber roofing system. The TTR® Tri Thermal Roofing system’s unique combination makes this roof system the best roof on the market.

The system builds on all the advantages and eliminates the negatives of the two separate roof systems that combine to form the TTR system.

The Best Solution

Why spend money on other systems when you can get the most energy-efficient complete roof system with a full warranty? The TTR® System is a high-quality total roof system if you want an EPDM roof restoration at a low price. The installation is simple, with minimal interruption.

The patented TTR ® system brings the whole solution together. The high-R-value spray-applied Polyurethane insulation speaks for itself, providing lightweight, energy-efficient insulation on top of your existing Western Canada roof. 

The fully adhered EPDM membrane provides a level of protection far superior to traditional coatings. Some of the advantages of the spray-applied adhesive used to attach the membrane are:

  • Easy application
  • Excellent adhesion to the EPDM and the polyurethane insulation
  • A superior wind uplift protection without the need for fasteners or primers

Even better, the black or highly reflective eco-white EPDM membrane is applied in a single day, eliminating the need for multiple applications of top coating. 

Due to the high-compressive strength yet lightweight TTR® system, we are installing solar panels and elevated landscapes on our roofs. Without tearing off the old roof, we reduce the load on the building by replacing 3 pounds per square foot of gravel with less than one pound of new roof material.

The TTR® Tri Thermal Roofing System is a unique combination of two separate roof systems that combine to form the best roofing system available. 


The system comprises a spray-applied Polyurethane Foam Roof with a single-ply EPDM roofing membrane. The membrane attaches to the Polyurethane foam with a proprietary spray applied slow rise urethane-based adhesive. While others have tried and failed at creating similar insulation systems, our patent-protected system succeeds!


Polyurethane foam is the best insulation on the market. It covers the Western Canada roofs like a blanket in one seamless piece with no joints or gaps – reducing energy costs by up to 25%.


The spray-applied Polyurethane Roofing Foam Insulation used in the TTR® System has the highest R-value and waterproofing benefits. Suppose your AC or mechanical contractor accidentally punctures your roof membrane; the foam roof will prevent water from infiltrating your building.


With other systems, once the EPDM flat roofing membrane is punctured, nothing stops the water from entering the building. The insulation boards used under the membrane are not waterproof and typically retain moisture, which expedites rust and substrate deterioration. The insulation boards used in other systems are often butted together, allowing air leakage out of the roof and decreasing the roof’s effective R-value.


The EPDM membrane used in our system is either black or white colour. The membrane is available in various thicknesses to suit your individual needs. The Eco White membrane:

  • is available in 60 or 90-gauge thickness
  • has high reflectivity keeping the roofs cooler
  • meets the Energy Star ratings and the Cool Roof Rating Council programs


The patented TTR® System is energy-efficient and has superior quality and durable roofs for commercial buildings throughout North America.


Stan Cox, President of TTR®, invented the TTR® System. The system has been patented for all of North America. The system has been installed in various climates, from coast to coast in Canada and the southern United States.


Many different organizations tested the TTR® System, such as:

– ACRC (Wind Uplift Test) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

– PRI Construction Materials Technologies (Physical Properties) in Tampa Florida

– Southwest Research Institute (Fire Rating Test) in San Antonio, Texas 


The system has received an NOA (notice of acceptance) from Miami Dade County, Florida, enabling the system to be installed in high-velocity hurricane zones.

TTR® is a roofing system provider with over 30 years of experience in the foam roofing industry. TTR® has installed millions of square feet of foam roofs and has learned how to improve the best roofing system.

TTR® distributes its patented, energy-efficient, durable roofing system to North America. It insulates better, saves energy, and reduces waste. It’s the perfect solution for an EPDM roof restoration.

The patented TTR® system takes advantage of the undeniable strengths of a foam roof by adding protective EPDM flat roofing as a top layer.

The TTR® system starts with a layer of high-R-value spray applied to Polyurethane foam insulation. Then, using a custom-blend spray-applied adhesive, the protective EPDM roofing membrane layer is attached to the foam.

The EPDM layer is tested and certified to withstand extreme weather conditions and UV degradation.

The patented TTR® system brings the whole solution together. 

Compared to traditional coatings, the high-R-value foam is lightweight, provides excellent protection and energy-efficient insulation on the existing roof.

A white EPDM layer reflects heat and keeps the building cooler in warmer climates. The adhesive is easy to apply and provides excellent adhesion to the EPDM, plus the foam without any fasteners or primers. Even better, the EPDM is applied in a single day instead of multiple top-coating applications.

Larger width rolls and gauges (thickness) offer various installation options. This single-ply EPDM roofing membrane option can be installed inexpensively on big box stores, new construction or cover an existing roof. It can be installed using ballast, mechanical attachment or fully adhered like the TTR® system for best results.


  • White membranes for highly reflective energy star ratings
  • Membranes are extremely durable and easily repairable
  • Larger width rolls and different gauges offer various installation options.
  • Can be installed inexpensively on big box stores and new construction projects in Western Canada.
  • Can be installed with mechanical attachment or fully adhered.


On average, our clients immediately experience a 25% to 35% savings in reduced energy costs. Expect a return on your investment in only 4-7 years. Our Polyurethane foam has the highest R-value and stops 98% heat loss, covering your Western Canada roofs like a blanket in one seamless piece.



Advantages of the TTR® System:

  • 45 to 90-mil thick reinforced membrane
  • Waterproof insulation
  • Self-Flashing
  • U.V. Protection
  • Insulated Heat and AC S
  • Superior Wind Uplift Protection (Miami Dade Approved)
  • Patented System
  • Buildings with TTR® roofs consume less energy and have a low carbon footprint. 



The TTR® System:

  • is 60% cooler than conventional roofs
  • has a very low life-cycle cost
  • allows Rooftop landscapes and Photovoltaic panels to be installed over top of the system while maintaining a full warranty
  • is available in black or white energy star-rated membrane



You deserve a break on your energy bill. Stop spending money on other systems. With our system, you get the most energy-efficient complete roof system with a full warranty. Get a new roof today!

While Firestone UltraPly Platinum TPO is already backed by an exceptional 30-year Platinum Warranty, it can be further enhanced through the use of Firestone HailGard™ insulation to protect against nature’s harshest elements including 2” hail, 100 mph winds and incidental punctures*. This reduces roof maintenance and replacement expenses by extending roof life.

For durability and dependability, UltraPly Platinum TPO delivers. This system can be mechanically attached or fully adhered giving you added versatility. Additionally, the white, reflective surface exceeds ENERGY STAR™ standards for energy savings in warm climates, making it an exceptional value.

  • 80-mil thick reinforced membrane
  • Exceeds EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Excellent field seams and high wind ratings
  • No chlorinated or halogenated components
  • Superior strength for high wind areas
  • Higher wind uplift ratings than traditional single- weld systems
  • Full width seam distributes uplift forces uniformly
  • Utilizes patented Wide-Weld technology

Ener-Spray Roofing is dedicated to Quality

Roofing quality at Ener-Spray Roofing has always been a priority. Unlike other spray foam and coating systems, the patented TTR® System has replaced the U.V. protective coating with a fully adhered single-ply EPDM flat roofing membrane over the roofing foam.

The EPDM membrane provides an additional water-tight seal as well as an extra layer of durability with no fasteners, no expensive primers and no required recoats. The membrane allows the TTR® System to have an extended life cycle and to be installed in the harshest climates of North America.