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Ener-Spray applies several ULC Listed IFRM and SFRM materials

Ener-Spray is a Member of the NCFA (National Fireproofing Contractors Association) and has 2 DRI’s (Designated Responsible Individuals) one in Vancouver and one in Calgary. Ener-Spray applies ULC listed spray-applied fire resistant for structural steel framed buildings. Typical sprayed areas are steel beams, joists, columns and deck. Different designs and thicknesses allow for 15 min to 4 hr fire ratings. Ener-Spray has the crews and equipment to keep your fireproofing on schedule and on budget. LEED credits are available for using various products.

Thermal Barrier & Fireproofing

Spray Foam Insulation must be covered with a ULC listed thermal barrier when left exposed in an occupied space. Ener-Spray use spray on Mineral Fiber Thermal Barrier, Cementitious Thermal Barrier or Intumescent Paint Thermal Barrier systems to cover exposed spray foam so it meets the building code in areas that will not be covered with drywall or another board type material. Ener-Spray can provide an effective system that works and is cost effective. All materials used comply with CAN/ULC S124 “Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of Protective Coverings for Foamed Plastic”.
Typical areas where a Thermal Barriers are required; rim joist ends in undeveloped basements, air seals in commercial buildings, commercial parkade ceilings, Quonsets and Metal Buildings and plenum spaces that require insulation. The more durable Thermal Barriers are the cementitious and paint products. Ask Ener-Spray which product is best for your project.


Ener-Spray is a licensed applicator for several firestopping products such as Tremco, STI, 3M and Hilti. We have experienced personnel that can provide all firestopping requirements for any size of project. Typical applications for firestopping are penetrations through firewalls, roof/wall junctions, penetrations through floors and concrete slab perimeters.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Ener-Spray applies the intumescent product line for Cafco, Hilti and Carboline. intumescent is designed to fireproof interior and exterior steelwork for up to a 4 hour fire rating, depending on the design. The recommended use for this product is fireproofing exposed steel beams, columns, tubes and pipes.