Roofing Rehabilitation

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what is slab jacking?

Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting is your top choice when it comes to retrofit roofing. Metal seem roofs can start to leak over time, whether at the seams, screws or flashings. Not only that, metal roofs can be expensive and time-consuming to try and patch and repair.

Why tear your old roof off when you can use Ener-Spray’s Roofing Rehabilitation program? In most cases, Ener-Spray’s Rehabilitation System goes over the top of the existing roofing material.

Ener-Spray uses the Tremco line of roofing rehabilitation products, and we take surface prep seriously. See how we do it:

  • Roofs are thermal scanned for moisture in the existing roof system 
  • Remove all wet and saturated areas
  • Remove all loose ballast and materials
  • Sometimes we apply polyurethane foam as a liquid, creating a single monolithic membrane that covers the entire roof. 
  • There are no seams or joints, the source of most leaks in traditional roofs
  • Top coating is selected based on the roof, service, location and slope. Ener-Spray applies products from Tremco, all applicable to foam roofing.

Benefits of sprayed polyurethane foam

When sprayed polyurethane foam is used, it is the most efficient roofing system currently available. 


    • Spray foam is suitable for new roofs as well as reroofing projects. It also suits flat surfaces, pitched, domed, metal, wood, concrete and existing roof systems.
    • Sprayed Polyurethane roofing foam applies to surfaces with irregular shapes, penetrations and mechanical equipment. It is the best system for Retro- Fitting existing roofs and eliminates the need for costly tear-off of the old roof system and disposal. 
    • It saves time. Spray foam Roofing applies in 1/3 of the time a traditional Tar and Gravel roof will take.
    • Water and airtight. The coating system roofing is a seamless system without seams or joints to allow water, heat or air to enter the building through the roofing system.
    • It stops leaks and is weather resistant. A seamless layer of 3-pound density roofing foam fully adheres to the substrate.
    • Durable – Typical silicone and acrylic coatings don’t stand up to our extreme temperature swings, harsh weather and bird pecks
    • Ener-Spray is an approved Tremco Roofing materials installer. There is a coating for most types of applicable roofing systems.