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Ener-Spray’s high density polyurethane foam injection is used for concrete lifting, stabilization and void filling applications. Preferred by many contractors, the Ener-Spray method offers the same results as traditional concrete raising, stabilization, and void filling, but with new and improved characteristics. This method is very cost-effective compared to replacing the concrete. This high density polyurethane foam has a quick cure time, is hydrophobic, moisture barrier, lightweight and only has a 5/8″ injection holes. Depending on the application there are several material options.

Warranty: Offering a 5 year warranty on all work completed.

Cost Effective: Ener-Spray’s high density slab lifting foam will be substantially less than replacing your concrete.

Quick Cure Time: Our foam typically cures in 15 minutes after injection allowing there areas available in minutes, not days. This system can be a huge benefit to those who require shorter downtime to the affected areas.

Hydrophobic: Ener-Spray high density slab lifting foam can be used in wet applications. The same chemical reaction will happen in or out of water.

Moisture Barrier: The high density foam the Ener-Spray uses is resistant to water penetration and in most cases will seal the concrete from the underside.

Inert and Stable: The high density foam will not break down over time. It does not react with moisture or the soil and will not leech harmful chemicals into the ground.

Weight: Ener-Spray’s high density slab lifting foam typically weighs between 2.5 lbs per cubic foot to 6 lbs per cubic foot depending on application and requirements. Compared to typically mud jacking material that can weight 120 lbs per cubic foot, slab lifting foam will not burden the soil. Even with its lightweight lab lifting foam can support significant loads and has a very high compressive strength

Injection Holes: With only a 5/8” hole this is significantly smaller than traditional mud-jacking which uses 1 5/8” holes. Ener-Spray’s slab lifting and void filling system uses significantly less holes than traditional methods.

 Residential Application: High-density polyurethane foam is used for concrete lifting and stabilization to avoid costly removal and replacement of driveways, basement slabs, garage slabs and sidewalks.

Commercial Application: Ener-Spray has worked on various projects ranging from big to small. We have worked for General Contractors, Property Managers, and Building Owners. Some examples of uses are Warehouse Floors, Bridge Approaches, Man Holes, Multi Family Complexes, Ramps, Courtyards, Slab Stabilization for product equipment.

Industrial Applications: Ener-Spray has worked on many industrial projects ranging from large to small scale. We have worked for Husky Oil, Trans Alta Hydro Electric Dams and everything in between. Some examples of uses are tank pads, concrete secondary containment, plant floors, sumps, void fill around underground tanks/pipes, spillways, pump stations, ditch fill, trench breakers/pipeline pillows and soil stabilization.