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Will Winter Rapidly Deteriorate SPF Roofs?

SPF roofs are becoming a go-to solution for many corporate and commercial low-slope buildings for a good reason: they’re inexpensive, quick-installing, and greatly dependable. During the summer, they’re undeniably beneficial and deliver top-notch protection for properties. However, winter is fast approaching, and your concerns about the SPF roof’s cold temperature performance is valid. Here are a few things to alleviate your concerns.

Spray polyurethane foam is a plastic foam-based material possessing a high elemental and temperature resistance. If you can leave plastic bottles out in the cold without the worry of deformation or tears, you won’t need to worry about SPF roofs too. Closed-cell SPF is undeniably durable, expanding into a formidable blunt-proof material with similar environmental resistance as plastic layers.

Snow can freeze and un-freeze throughout winter. For traditional roofing materials, it can mean cracking asphalt, wood, or clay materials. SPF can freeze together with snow, but it will not crack, blister, or sustain any long-term roofing damages due to sub-zero temperatures.

Single-ply rubber roofs will often have this issue. When the seam freezes, the seams might lift upwards, allowing water to head straight into the opened seam’s underlayment. Because it is one single layer of closed-cell material, SPF roofs will not bend, uplift, or shrink with temperature changes. These spray-on foam roofs can last for 10-20 years until they need in-depth inspections before recoating.

However, we won’t lie: SPF will thin as the years pass by. A 20mm-thick year-one closed-cell layer can shave off 0.1-0.2mm per year. Therefore, the starting 20mm can become 7-8mm by it’s 10th or 15th year. SPF roofing maintenance specialists, such as Ener-Spray, can help you add on thin layers of caulk in imbalanced thinness in certain areas. Sometimes, they can apply additional SPF coating in short sprays as well.

One more plus with winter SPF roofing is you can quickly have a new roof if you suddenly needed a full roofing replacement after inspection. SPF applicators can swiftly remove your aged SPF roof or other commercial roofs. Then, they can apply SPF in a single day across your property’s bare roof. If you’re using other roofing materials, you won’t need to tear them off because applicators will allow SPF to fill in the cracks and cavities across your roof.

Overall, an SPF roof is affordable, dependable, and ready for winter. However, it wouldn’t hurt to work with an SPF roofer to inspect and see the overall roofing condition if it requires additional layering, repairs, and other remediation. You can only trust dependable and reputable SPF roofers for proper inspection and repairs. Any self or in-house repairs can end up in enormous problems due to poor safeguards and possible.

If you have yet to find a dependable SPF applicator to work with, you can always trust our team at Ener-Spray. We’re one of the most dependable and well-equipped teams who can help you with all your roofing needs. Our team is ready to assist you with your pre-winter installations and inspections. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!