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Why Should You Go For Metal Roof Restorations?

Performing metal roof restorations is a tried-and-proven strategy that saves money and time for most building owners. It uses spray polyurethane foam coating on the metal roof’s surface, allowing it to seep through the cracks and create airtight seals as it dries and cures. 

Aged metal roofing still has good integrity that can lift most heavy objects, but it can introduce leaks and water damage to any structure underneath. With SPF sealing, you restore the roof’s integrity by filling holes, nails, screws, and other cavities, minimizing the repair and restoration period than a full-on roof tear off and repair service.

Here are some advantages for using metal roof restorations.

Save Time and Money

Metal roof restorations performed by top-notch applicators, such as Ener-Spray, will reduce the time and money necessary to restore your roof. This cost-effective process has saved many buildings like yours thousands while enjoying a roof that can last for 20-30 years on average. 

While metal roof replacements take less time than single-ply replacement, they still take much more time and resources than SPF applications can achieve. Plus, you might spend more if your building square footage is much bigger than the average building size.

Maximize Roof Durability

Spray polyurethane foam is a highly-durable reinforcing and sealing material capable of extending metal roof lifespans and durability. Rusted metal roofs can act as structural guides for closed-cell SPF applications. Once dried and cured, SPF can reduce corrosion and degradation risks over time.

Metal roofing is highly durable during its prime age between 5-20 years because its zinc or aluminum protective coating, plus its powder or acrylic elastomeric coating, can prolong its lifespan beyond the manufacturer’s estimated age. However, SPF can take its lifespan further, especially if it’s reaching its end.

Improved Roofing Insulation

High-quality roofing insulation increases metal roof lifespan by reducing humidity levels in the cavities below it. Spray polyurethane foam that restores metal roofing creates barriers that slow down and block air from passing through the metal roofing material and attic. In doing so, it increases your building’s energy efficiency by reducing outdoor temperature absorption and reduces the chance of water damage.

Easy Repairs

SPF only requires 2-3 days to cure completely, a speed that’s much faster than a traditional tar and gravel roof or single-ply roofing material installation. It can reach maximum strength that defends your property from hailstones, heavy rain, and wind storms fast.

The same can be said for SPF repairs. These small caulked and sealed spots will cure in less than a week. If the local area is expecting a storm in the next few days, you won’t have to worry about your roofs suffering from severe damage.


SPF is highly durable, does not trap heat, has lightweight density, and fully recyclable. SPF is also non-toxic while excelling top-notch water resistance.

If you’re on the fence about SPF roofing, you can always count on us at Ener Spray to provide top-notch SPF installations for all your needs. With our decades of experience, proper equipment, and guaranteed results, we’re the best choice to apply spray foam on your roof and insulation cavities. Call us today.