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5 Undeniable Advantages of Using Spray Polyurethane Foam Materials

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) has delivered exceptional results for many residential, commercial, and industrial properties. However, we highly respect your perspective on SPF. Most wonder about foam’s efficacy on providing protective and insulating roofing when they compare it to the performance of asphalt shingles and clay tiles. Truth be told, they perform just as well, if not better, than these two traditional materials.

SPF brings with it a great number of advantages any property owner can use to their advantage. It has a lower price tag than classic roofing materials and delivers exceptionally well on the following.

Energy Efficiency

Property insulation is of great importance to property owners for good reason. Utility bills take a huge chunk off budgets every month. Any chance to lower your thermostat is a great opportunity to reduce costs and realign resources to profit-producing ventures.

SPF can achieve this by providing the best heat, air, and moisture barriers. It has the highest R-value per inch, which is the measure when it comes to building and property insulation. In just five years, you can reclaim what you’ve paid for SPF thanks to its energy efficiency.

Highly Durable

SPF is heat sensitive, but not too similar to metal roofing. Both materials expand and contract. However, SPF expands and contracts with the building and not at its own pace. Metals expand and contract independently, which leaves them with damages, especially due to improperly-placed gaskets.

Once it dries, you can walk on SPF roofs with the right rubber footwear. Even if it is prone to mechanical damage, damaged foam does not go through the entire material towards your underlayment immediately.

Air And Watertight Seal

SPF applicators spray the entire roofing material on your existing, aged roof. The material will fill in gaps and cracks. Furthermore, it creates an air and watertight seal thanks to its seamless installation similar to single-ply roofing materials.

Furthermore, if you’re facing some ponding or leaking problems, SPF applicators, such as Ener Spray, can fill the gaps quickly. In doing so, you can even out these surfaces and reduce the risk of possible penetrative damages that standing water can cause.

Easily Fix Mechanical Damage

It is true that SPF roofs bruise easily. However, most do not mention the fast way applicators can mend these problematic areas with a quick spray. Just contact your trust SPF applicator, and they can apply closed-cell SPF to the damaged parts of your roof.

If you’re using closed-cell SPF as insulation for your property, you can perform the same redress method. Your SPF applicators will use open-cell rather than closed-cell SPF because of its “soft” expanding properties that efficiently fill in the gaps and cracks in your basements, walls, and other interiors.

Fast and Quick Installation

Lastly, SPF will not require you to remove your old roof and replace it with a new one. The material will fill in the gaps and cracks existing on your roof. Furthermore, its light weight requires no additional roofing joist and support installations (unless your roof foundations are in dire need of replacement due to aging).

If you have yet to find a trustworthy SPF applicator to help you, you can always count on us at Ener Spray. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.