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The Right Time to Replace Your Concrete Slabs

Concrete is one of the strongest materials for building all properties across cities. The material has made virtually every property use stainless steel as its skeletal base, allowing them to stand tall for decades. Concrete that uses these metal frameworks guarantees long property lifespans and performance. However, concrete slabs have a different set of problems and troubles.

Concrete slabs have gone from patio flooring to public roads and pavements. They’ve proven themselves capable through the years of enduring summer, snow, spring, and rain. However, with each passing season, their layers start to erode and crater, introducing terrible textures, aesthetics, and functionality.

Thankfully, with the help of professional slab repair and lifting services, such as SPF applicators, you can have them repaired and replaced in no time. Concrete is a material that works well with additional repair injections, allowing your contractor to reinforce your concrete slab continuously. On the other hand, they can easily remove the slabs and easily replace them with new ones with SPF applicators’ help.

The Benefits of Repairing Concrete Slabs

Truthfully, concrete isn’t the most affordable construction material. It’s durable and delivers great value for money because it’s easy to repair. Concrete slab repair services can drill holes on your slab and inject support material that drips and fills in all cracks, holes, and other structural damages on the slab’s interiors and exteriors.

Concrete repair services allow contractors to raise your slabs, making it easy to repair and level with your current patio. Erosion will remove a tremendous chunk of concrete from the slab. Through SPF concrete slab raising and material repair injections, you can effectively restore the slab’s performance and aesthetics.

Additionally, concrete slab repairs only take a day to perform. You might need 24-48 hours to cure and dry the entire material. However, its quick repair process makes slab repairs much more viable, especially because it does not need invasive installation procedures.

The Right Time to Replace Your Concrete Slabs

However, concrete slabs do not last forever, even after you’ve had consistent repairs and maintenance. If you’ve been spending more than 50% of the slab’s cost on repair services and materials, it’s best that you replace your concrete slabs instead. Truthfully, repairs are beneficial for single giant slab cracks or numerous minor dents. However, it’s best to use concrete slab replacements to minimize your expenses in the future.

Numerous gigantic slab cracks, especially deep cracks that leave more than an inch of material attached, are beyond saving for concrete repair specialists. Fortunately, replacement procedures are simple and easy. With the help of SPF specialists, your contractors can easily raise your slabs. Then, they can remove it without causing any harm to the foundations. Next, they can conveniently place your new concrete slab without any delays.

It’s critical that you work with experienced SPF applicators that can perform slab lifting. If you have yet to find them, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.