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The Dangers of DIY Spray Polyurethane Foam

It’s one of the most remarkable materials man has ever formulated. Spray polyurethane foam — along with its two varieties — had helped many properties find a second yet affordable solution when it came to roofing materials or external property protection. It does appear easy to apply; get a spray gun, use the content on the surface, wait for it to dry and cure, and it should be safe to go around it without masks.

Many homeowners and property owners find it affordable to perform SPF applications by themselves. Unfortunately, it poses so many health hazards, which is why specialists such as us at Ener Spray make it a priority to keep our personnel completely safe by having the correct protective gear and equipment when we’re on-site

SPF is a helpful and capable construction and development material. However, a considerable fraction of the chemicals and elements manufacturers use for SPF is hazardous to human health. Isocyanates are skin irritants, and they can deal significant damage to your lungs and internal organs upon contact.

During its first few years of implementation, many employees not equipped with the correct protective gear fell ill due to work-related asthma. In fact, some of them have died due to fatal adverse reactions against isocyanates that make up SPF foam. Furthermore, wet and un-cured SPF can have non-isocyanate effects on humans, which makes it imperative for all applicators to wear the right equipment.

In this light, SPF applicator certification and licensure have become integral in many roofing and exterior protection operations. Doing this has helped the industry make a safer workplace for SPF applicators and guarantee consistent and satisfying results for customers. While it has raised the cost of the service, if you compare what you’ll spend doing SPF DIY, it ensures the safety and security of property owners.

Work-related asthma can also stimulate existing health problems an individual might have. Therefore, if any adverse reaction happens to you during your DIY spray polyurethane foam project, your health costs will offset the savings you would have made thanks to a can of SPF and not having to pay for labor, too.

Furthermore, post-SPF application checks are essential. Properly-applied SPF will never emit fumes or odors. In many SPF DIY projects, some property owners who used the material and waited for it to dry and cure reported smelling a fishy and undesirable odor. Additionally, it does indicate still-wet and dangerous emissions can come from the problematic SPF application. If the residents or employees report eye irritations, respiratory-related problems, and feeling nausea after your DIY project with SPF, it’s best to contact SPF applicators immediately for a resolution.

In this light, it always pays to work with professionals with the right equipment and experience to handle these tasks. Ener Spray has been providing top-tier SPF applicator services for businesses and residences across the country for decades. We ensure only the finest solutions for all your SPF roofing, exterior protection, and internal property insulation needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.