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The Challenges SPF Roofing Adoption Faces

Every SPF applicator (including Ener-Spray) always talks about SPF roofing’s huge property owner cost-efficiency benefits. However, many property owners still question its viability, slowing down its adoption across many buildings, offices, and factories across the world.

Even with evidence from other successful clients, SPF is a relatively unknown roofing technology, making blogs and informative content essential to convince and convert property owners. Here are five challenges SPF roofing faces, slowing down its widescale usage.

Perceived Expensiveness

Many see new technology with few adopters as expensive. However, SPF is an affordable roofing service. Ecodur 201 has a fair price thanks to its stable international demand. Plus, application equipment has the same cost as traditional tools.

Labor is one avenue all property owners will save much money. SPF applicators only need 24-48 hours to produce a fully-cured SPF roof capable of repelling moisture and providing exceptional property insulation.

Perceived Weakness

Many traditional roofing owners believe SPF as commercial roofing is weak and problematic. However, closed-cell foam has excellent durability and composition, allowing it to withstand the hardest impacts and physical damages as both exterior cladding and flat roofing material.

Additionally, SPF’s liquid form fills in cracks and inconsistencies on foundational materials. For example, an aging metal roof has many cracks that will require fill-ins. With SPF roofing, property owners can get a new roof that’s stronger than before without tearing down the old roof if its structure is still good.

Toxicity as Fact and Not Myth

Truthfully, SPF is a toxic roofing material during its non-cured, post-application phase. It can travel airborne, and anyone within the vicinity can inhale it. All SPF applicators wear safety gear because airborne SPF can expand in the throat and lung passages within 48 hours, making it dangerous for anyone with a protective suit.

However, once SPF cures, it isn’t airborne. Tenants and occupants will have nothing to fear because SPF isn’t like asbestos. All SPF projects require it to cure for at least 48 hours and 72 hours at maximum. If they leave it any shorter, it can damage the lungs of anyone who inhales it.

Improper SPF Application

Many commercial property owners found disappointment after non-professional SPF applicators failed to apply SPF layers properly. These projects often resulted in uneven surfaces, poor roofing material, and questionable integrity.

While they’re still few, SPF applicators with certification from brands are the best choices for any project. Property owners have both labor and lifetime material warranties, ensuring that their new SPF roofs will work as their manufacturers intended.

Additional Structural Construction

One last myth that many property owners believe is the necessary tear down and roofing support structures. SPF is a high-density, low-weight material, allowing it to improve structures without pressing against them.

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF roofing service, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. With decades of experience, a reliable service team, and highly dependable professionals, Ener-Spray guarantees the project results you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.