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The 5 Huge Advantages SPF Provides Any Property

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is one of the fastest-progressing roofing technologies currently available in the market. It’s irresistible for many low-sloped residences, commercial properties, and industrial factories because of its affordability and dependability. Property owners won’t even have to tear down aging concrete or metal roofs, especially if they’re still structurally sound. Here are five big benefits of using SPF for a new or restored roof.

High R-Value

The R-value represents a roofing material’s capability to resist heat flow. Higher R-values signify insulation and noise-proofing capabilities. SPF rates highly on R-value because both open and close-cell foam are lightweight yet densely packed materials that effectively slow both temperature and sound molecules. Polyiso roofs’ R-value of 5.5 per inch is second only to SPF’s 6.6 per inch.


Monolithic and seamless SPF applications are always the typical application project result. Unlike traditional single-ply roofs, such as EPDM and PVC, SPF does not have seams requiring overlaps. Applicators only need to spread the material evenly and effectively account for its final size once it starts curing. Seamlessness guarantees the best protection against water and air permeation, making SPF an excellent insulating yet protective roofing material.

SPF’s seamless application guarantee property owners have the best defense against rain, snow, and hailstones because SPF has excellent impact resistance against blunt force. Plus, SPF maintenance teams can easily restore and fill out sharp-missile penetration damages.

Shape Conformity

Metal and concrete roof restorations with SPF are possible because it has excellent shape conformity or self-flashing capability. Any cracks, penetrations, and other fissures on the aged roofing material SPF will drip into and fully seal quickly against air and moisture permeation. This self-flashing property makes SPF the top material for duct sealing, pipes, skylight sealing, and more.

However, property owners must take note that some aging roofs have aging support structures. SPF applicators may require the assistance of traditional commercial and industrial roofers to check the roof’s integrity and restore its foundations before SPF coating.

Renewable and Easily Recyclable

SPF is foam plastic upon curing, making it an easily recyclable material. However, property owners have a better option using SPF: they can renew the material by spraying over the aged and cured SPF. Well-maintained SPF can last between 10-20 years with effective maintenance. A full-on application is needed when the roofing material reaches the end of its lifespan and fails to provide its initial benefits.

The Fastest Roofing Installation Possible

Lastly, property owners favor SPF applications because of their rapid installation process. Traditional single-ply roofs require a month or two to finish and see results post-installation. On the other hand, SPF requires only 48 hours after its application to fully cure and become a capable and protective roofing material. Plus, installation costs are half because of the short-period labor. While SPF applications use special equipment, applicators only bring standard equipment to deliver the project results clients need.

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