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Spray Polyurethane Slab Lifting vs. Traditional Slab Lifting

Spray Polyurethane Slab Lifting is a type of slab lifting that has been gaining popularity for the cost-effective and clean methods they offer. Traditionally, slab lifting involved the use of large jackhammers to bust out the old concrete and then pour new concrete onto the old slab. This process often leaves behind many scratches and marks on the surface that is lifted.

SPF Slab Lifting

SPF slab lifting works by spraying expanding polyurethane foam onto the footings of a structure and placing a cover on top, which creates an airtight seal. After applying this spray polyurethane material, it will expand and adhere to all sides of the surface you are working with. This provides protection against UV rays, water, and other factors that could cause damage to your surface.

SPF slab lifting is the best way to lift a concrete slab that has settled due to thermal expansion and contraction. It is a professional method that leaves no trace of damage and can also be used to move slabs that are too heavy for any other method.

It provides exceptional insulation against heat transfer and can be installed on either the interior or exterior of the wall. Additionally, new construction applications have zero problems after SPF applications.

SPF’s formula doesn’t require any heat to cure the two components, only cooler temperatures. This means that the SPF is great for all climates, and it can be used in different parts of the world with ease.

Traditional Slab Lifting

Traditional lifting begins by drilling a series of holes along the perimeter of the slab. Next, steel rods are inserted and threaded through the holes to hold the slab in place. Once the rods are positioned, they’re tightened with nuts and bolts to secure them against pressure.

Lifting slabs traditionally comes at a high cost, low reliability, and poor lifting efficiency. With the traditional slab system, workers would have to position themselves in order to lift the slabs. They would bear the weight of the slabs and place them on their shoulder or back. This method is difficult, slow, increases a worker’s chance of injury and is not efficient at all.

Which To Use in Any Slab Lifting Project?

Spray polyurethane foam slab lifting has been found to be an effective and efficient alternative for lifting slabs, while also being a more accurate and less expensive solution than other methods.

Traditional slab lifting equipment are not only expensive to rent, but they also take a lot of time to prepare for the lifting process. The time and expense required to rent slab lifters can make them impractical in low-value projects. The time and expense required to prepare them can also make it impractical for low-value projects where you need to lift just one or two slabs.

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