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5 Great Methods To Keep Your Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof in Top Shape

Spray polyurethane foam is one of the best materials you can use to improve your property insulation and overall roofing durability. However, they do not share similar properties with traditional roofing materials and metal roofs. SPF roofs are a whole new world when it comes to cleaning and inspecting them.

During this quarantine period, learn more about cleaning and maintaining your SPF roof the way professionals do. You’ll just need some simple equipment and confidence.

From-Ground and Ladder Observations

Going outside your yard and observing every side and surface of your roof that you can is one way to perform from-ground inspections. Doing this is handy because you can gauge your roof’s curb appeal and material condition at the same time. A rule of thumb: anything that appears aesthetically compromising will need cleaning or possible repairs.

If you can’t observe other areas of your roof, namely some ridge and valley areas, you can use a ladder to check them.

Decades-Old Stuck Debris

Inspect your property’s drains and gutters while you’re on your ladder. These two are often the most common areas where debris and dust remain liquefied and challenging to remove. Furthermore, the gunk can harden and become much more cumbersome to remove if left unattended. Take note of it; you’ll want to record each decades-old stuck debris you can find on your SPF roof.

How detergents interact with traditional roofs.

Clean Substances Using Detergents

If something contained oil and caused a large stain on your SPF roof, you can use water mixed with detergent to remove oil and grease spillage. In some cases, bird droppings can exhibit a similar effect on SPF roofs. Use a dedicated cleaning cloth to apply the detergent and wipe off substances clean from your roof efficiently.

However, avoid using detergent with high acidic content. It can cause massive damages that can result in your SPF undergoing expensive repairs from applicators. However, if the material itself is weak due to its age, re-applying SPF might be a good idea.

Pressurized Water Always Does The Trick

If you can afford it, invest in pressurized water machines. Use one that can deliver at least 2000-3000 PSI water sprays that can dislodge the most hardened gunk and debris on your SPF roof. The pressure level (PSI) is enough to remove undesirables while retaining your SPF roofing material.

Avoid using settings or machines capable of going beyond 3000 PSI. It’s highly likely they will damage your roof or introduce deformities against it.

Use an SPF Maintenance Team

Similar to subscription services, SPF maintenance teams arrive during a specified regular period. Their job is to perform in-depth inspections on your spray polyurethane foam roof. In doing so, they help you learn more about your roof’s overall condition. They’ll then perform cleaning for a more precise inspection and repairs once they’ve finished evaluating its condition.

Ener Spray provides the same service for customers. Additionally, we provide top-tier repair, replacement, and new SPF roof installation services. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.