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Spray Foam: Reinforcing and Increasing Your Property’s Lifespan and Durability

Spray polyurethane foam is not the same as a mattress or packaging foams typically used for transport. High-quality SPF is practically a construction material. While it can’t erect buildings on its own, it’s the best solution to reinforce caulking to prevent concrete cracks from introducing water damage and air drafts into a property.

In essence, SPF can increase the lifespan and integrity of your roofing materials. If you work with a dependable applicator in your area, you can gain these five undeniable advantages.

Improved Residential Insulation

The majority of property owners from residential to industrial properties want high-quality insulation to save up on utilities. Truthfully, it’s a huge help to have better air conditioning and retention of interior temperature too. SPF is an affordable solution that guarantees significantly-reduced air drafts and exterior temperatures from entering your property.

Attic insulation enhances your property’s insulation by a monumental mile. However, top-grade SPF insulation guarantees you won’t suffer from water damages thanks to its open and closed-cell properties. 

Small to Prominent Upgrades To Your Exterior Integrity

Closed-cell SPF is useful for improving your garage or shed’s siding. While you won’t use it as a substitute for residential sidings, it can work well to introduce reinforcement and improved integrity. Closed-cell SPF has top-notch resistance against outside elements. Furthermore, they are rigid and as inflexible as concrete and wood thanks to its foam and plastic reinforcement. 

Exceptional Roofing Material

Additionally, closed-cell SPF is a high-quality and lightweight roofing material. While it achieves high-quality exterior cladding, it does just as well for flat roofing materials. If you prefer your residence to use SPF coating as a roof, you can reap the same benefits.

Furthermore, SPF will not require you to tear down your old roof. Closed-cell SPF can fill in its cracks and create a new, seamless, and dense roofing material that repels elements, debris, and microorganisms that can live on traditional roofing materials and accelerate their deterioration. 

Easy and Fast Repairs and Maintenance

You won’t need to remove old and pristine roofing materials to repair problematic areas of your roof. SPF roofing requires SPF’s small applications to fill in cracks and small gaps chipped off by debris and small animals. You’ll only need a single day to let them dry and cure. In doing so, you get a brand new and high-quality roof with a simple repair.

This benefit applies to closed-cell exterior cladding too. Any deteriorating parts of your SPF membrane only need a small re-application from applicators. Once they accomplish their task, you’ll get a reliable, restored exterior cladding too. 

Affordable Services from Top-Notch Professionals

It’s tempting to consider DIY spray roofing your exterior cladding or roof due to the convenient DIY spray foam kits available online. However, you can put your in-house team or yourself in grave danger without the proper safety equipment and practices to use SPF.

Only trust experienced and dependable professionals such as those from Ener Spray to help you with your SPF roofing needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.