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Everything You Need To Know About The Safety of Spray Polyurethane Foam

You’ve read up on asbestos and other in-home or property chemicals that can affect your lung and cause unspeakable health problems. Indeed, you’re planning to use an affordable spray polyurethane foam roof to replace your aging roof as soon as possible. True enough, SPF can wrap itself around the crack and other problems your roofing material is suffering from. But, now you’re thinking twice because of the health concerns associated with SPF chemicals.

It is true that all qualified SPF companies and applicators use a special set of equipment to prevent inhalation. These include thick polyester overalls, face masks, and visors or plastic, airtight hoods. In doing so, they have the least risk of inhaling and being contaminated by spray polyurethane foam. However, does it mean it poses the same danger to homeowners once their SPF roof is applied?

As your reliable SPF company concerned about your safety, we guarantee you won’t inhale any SPF but ONLY as soon as the SPF has cured and dried completely. With the foam finally functioning as an extra protective layer on your roof, you won’t face any kind danger at all. SPF will not shed any similar chemicals such as asbestos did in the past as researchers had discovered. In addition, SPF chemicals become cured and leave your property ready for re-occupancy after only 24-48 hours or 1-2 days.

Indeed, exposure to SPF’s isocyanates can cause a great many problems in individuals. First, it can cause severe breathing and skin problems. The symptoms are often similar to asthma and severe skin irritation. In some cases, fatal reactions that have resulted to death have also materialized, which makes it important for SPF contractors to always wear the necessary safety equipment whenever possible.

Professional contractors know when they’ve installed the SPF layers properly. In addition, they’ll know the right time that the foam has cured efficiently. In doing so, the SPF will not emit any kind of fumes and odors, crack and decompose right after installation, and cause any asthma-like symptoms in homeowners or tenants dwelling in the property.

Luckily, proper SPF installation is not too difficult for experienced personnel. The Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA) only licenses contractors that passed their examinations efficiently. If you’re working with a regulated  SPF contractor, then you’re guaranteed your safety once you decide to move into your property after they’ve cleared the house of SPF contamination.

CUFCA is one of the regulating boards for spray foam installation. However, SPF product standards vary from one manufacturer to another, and it is not strictly policed. Therefore, only CUFCA-certified contractors know trustworthy suppliers of reliable SPF foam for roofing or internal insulation that will always last for longer and function efficiently over time.

As we mentioned above, it pays to work with a reliable SPF contractor for all your needs. If you have yet to find one, you can definitely count on us at Ener Spray. With decades of experience handling different kinds of SPF applications and the right equipment to achieve these results, you can definitely count on us for the best possible results. Contact us today!