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It’s Not True: Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs Do Not Last Longer Than Traditional Roofing Materials

Many homeowners feel that SPF roofs can’t live up to their promise of lasting for decades. After all, foam is a material that looks lame and stuffy after it has gone through its entire lifespan. However, it isn’t true at all. SPF roofs can last just as or even longer than traditional roofing materials. We’re confident in saying they’re some of the most competent roofing materials out there.

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofs are some of the best inventions the world ever has when it comes to convenient and immediate roofing. Many homeowners had called upon professional applicators when they needed an exceptional roof in the shortest amount of time possible. The longest time SPF installations can finish is two weeks — the average of most project periods lasts within a week.

On average, an SPF roof has over 50 years of lifespan paired with consistent performance. Therefore, you’ll only need to have applicators perform their duties twice. Because of its seamless and highly-durable nature, you only need minimal preventative maintenance and repairs for your SPF roof. As reliable contractors, we can tell you that it’s affordable to have a subscription-style roofing maintenance service.

With this lifespan, it blows out asphalt shingle, clay tiles, wood shingles, and even slate tile lifespan and performance out of the water. Furthermore, they’re much more affordable than these roofing materials and require less-expensive maintenance too.

We’re confident that SPF roofs can last longer than traditional roofing materials and deliver the same level of competency as metal roofs. Furthermore, there are other advantages homeowners get when they choose SPF roofs.

Energy Efficiency

With hot air and moisture barriers, SPF roofs introduce the highest R-value per inch. In doing so, it provides exceptional insulation and energy efficiency for the entire property.

Swifter Maintenance

You’ll only need applicators, such as us at Ener-Spray, to inspect your roof twice yearly, and these inspections only take just an hour or two too. If we need to recoat, we won’t need to tear off your existing materials — we can apply them as an added layer. It’s that easy.

Seamless, Waterproof Roof

With exceptional insulation comes a waterproof and airtight roof too. When you use SPF, you won’t have leaky penetrations on your roof. Furthermore, added maintenance layers can fill gaps and seams in your existing roof.

Renewable and Sustainable

SPF uses zero ozone-depleting materials, very low volatile organic combines, and is free from CFCs, making them one of the best roofing materials available for any property owner. Without the need for tear-offs, you involve less labor and eliminate unnecessary expenses too

You’ll Always Need a Good Contractor to Apply Them

The only con of SPF roofing is you need to use a reliable contractor with in-depth experience and knowledge in applying them. If you have yet to find one, you can count on Ener-Spray to provide you with the best SPF solutions for your roof and property. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.