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The Direct Effects of Weather on SPF Roofs

You’re investing in spray polyurethane foam roofing for residential or commercial properties because of its cost-efficiency. Any manufacturer and SPF applicator can tell you that your decision to use the material is wise. You’ll get a fast-apply and dry roof that can provide up to 30 years of exceptional roofing lifespan.

Unfortunately, SPF roofs are prone to manufacturing and application risks. Spray polyurethane roofs face the same threat as any roof: weather conditions. Truthfully, if you frequently have violent weather or the heaviest snowfalls during winter, your SPF roof will have a short lifespan. 

Your SPF applicator may inform you of the possible risks your local weather has to your roof, allowing you to wisely decide on pushing through with the project. 

Mechanical Damages Post-Inspection

Once SPF dries and cures, waiting is all property owners need to do. SPF applicators will perform their diagnostics before declaring the roof safe without any hazards. These roofing materials are durable enough to withstand a powerful surface impact, such as those from hailstorms, missiles, and other huge fragments that can chunk and blister your roof.

Professional applicators highly recommend having post-storm inspections. In doing so, property owners have guaranteed roofing protection that will cause no water damages or additional mechanical damages. If SPF applicators need to address massive roof damage, they can quickly remove the damaged foam seam and reapply SPF coating. 

The material will seep into the cracks and cavities, fixing the roof thoroughly once dries and cures. Additionally, SPF applicators use SPF-compatible sealants for SPF roofs that have minor gouges or punctures. 

Does Not Change Physically Throughout Its Lifespan

Foam and plastic are highly durable materials capable of lasting for centuries with minimal change to its physicality. Spray polyurethane foam, a synthetic, foam-family material, can deliver exceptional, durable roofing with minimal deviation to its core material and aesthetic appearance.

Truthfully, most homeowners and property owners might not notice SPF changes, especially viewing it from the ground. However, cosmetic changes, such as planar differences and inconsistencies, can cause roofing devices and structures to become imbalanced.

SPF applicators can inspect your roofing to see if it remains physically consistent. Otherwise, they can conveniently reapply SPF to imbalanced areas, allowing your roof to maintain its functionality and capacity. 

Recoated Regularly

SPF roofers and other professionals will advise property owners to have regular roof recoating. Doing so improves the roof’s integrity and lifespan. Truthfully, maintenance may involve minor recoating, such as elastomeric sealant applications in minor holes and breaches. Compatible elastomeric sealants are affordable, and SPF applicators can apply them quickly.

With recoating, you can extend your roof’s lifespan by a monumental mile. SPF applications are affordable, but they are still expensive ventures. Maintenance and recoating will cost about 10% of installation or first-time SPF application costs.

If you have yet to find a dependable SPF applicator, you can always count on Ener-Spray to provide you with the best services. With decades of experience in the industry, we are confident in delivering the top-level roofing you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.