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Does SPF Roofing Work For Residential Properties?

It’s completely understandable if homeowners go for traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and metal roofs. It provides the classic look that most homeowners want for their home. Spray polyurethane foam cannot introduce the same aesthetic. However, it can provide homeowners with the same or better protective roofing material.

Traditional roofing has its particular problems. First, it lasts for only 20-25 years. Asphalt shingle roof repairs and replacements might seem handy enough for homeowners to perform. However, it introduces a great many hassles to perform. Classic roofs have so many parts to remove, such as well-performing shingles, to remove a faulty piece or replace a missing one. Homeowners performing roof repairs can have a roof left in a weaker state than they began with.

SPF roofing requires no tear downs and replacements. Applicators will spray over your old roofing material, which serves as its foundation. Most applicator teams will reinforce your attic underlayments and joists to make sure your roof’s foundations are as long-lasting as the SPF material itself.

Furthermore, SPF roofing is easy to repair. When some parts begin to chip away in the next few decades, applicators can fill in the faulty parts and check the other roofing areas conveniently too.

Homeowners have plenty of advantages using SPF roofs than traditional roofing materials.

SPF is naturally reflective of its white coating. Closed-cell SPF has excellent reflective capabilities thanks to its white color. Furthermore, they do not absorb UV rays even when they’re reaching the end of their lifespan.

Additionally, you won’t need to have roofers perform maintenance on your material. SPF roofs are virtually maintenance-free. You’ll only need to have SPF applicators inspect it once a year to check for cracks and possible leak sources. They can check for potential long-term problems that small issues might become, as well.

Furthermore, its seamless and waterproof seal across your residential roof guarantees exceptional insulation improvements. You won’t need to worry about ice dams and air drafts. Your home has excellent protection against the elements, keeps room temperature, and enjoys better insulation with SPF roofs.

Additionally, open-cell SPF we apply in your attics reinforce the insulating capabilities of the material. These soft SPF can seal the smallest cracks by expanding into them efficiently until they’ve entirely eliminated the source of air leaks. This double-sided protection guarantees you have a roof that can withstand virtually any kind of weather.

Unfortunately, similar to traditional roofs, SPF roofing has a 30-year lifespan. However, you only need to have applicators re-coat them, which takes only a few days to a week. This result is faster if you compare it to traditional roofing, which can last for two weeks to a month.

While it’s not the most beautiful roof to look at, SPF does its job the same way it guarantees excellent roofing for commercial properties. It’s essential to keep in mind that SPF roofs require the best applicators to do the job. Ener Spray has decades of experience providing top quality solutions for your SPF needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.