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The Pros and Cons of Using SPF Roofing

Truthfully, SPF roofing leaves us with so much value for money, it’s becoming a widely-used roofing material for many residential and commercial properties. However, it’s not an end-all-be-all solution for roofing. For example, it can’t deliver the aesthetics of traditional roofing materials.

With cons come excellent pros, such as SPF filling gaps of old roofing materials. Doing this avoids costly roof tear-offs, reducing the time and money spent by property owners using it. Below is an extensive list of pros and cons SPF can provide to any residential or commercial property


Easy Installation and Maintenance

Undeniably, it’s easy to install SPF. You only need a spray polyurethane foam sprayer, enough SPF materials, and the proper safety equipment. The hose is enough to spray the foam evenly on your roof. These hoses can even go around pipes and walls with minimal need for additional equipment.

SPF roofs are easy to install as to maintain. SPF professionals need only to inspect your roof for any inconsistencies. Next, they’ll be applying SPF to the area shortly. Once the foam cures, taking only a day or two, the roof is fixed once again.

Top-Notch Wind and UV Resistance

SPF has exceptional wind and UV resistance. Many studies have illustrated SPF’s capacity to withstand about 160 PSI of wind strength once dried and cured. Many skyscrapers and high-wind area property owners choose SPF for this advantage.

Additionally, SPF roofs will reflect UV radiation, allowing the material to remain durable, providing consistent, top-notch protection.

Immediate Insulation Efficiency

UV resistance is critical to improving property insulation. Once SPF cures, it traps bubbles, giving the cured SPF layer a sponge-like foam texture. The foams trap the heat inside, slowing down molecules with the numerous perforations on the foam material.

This characteristic gives SPF a high R-value per inch. As soon as the SPF starts curing, you’ll see an epic difference in insulation.


Poor Impact Resistance

While you can still walk on cured SPF roofs, it will suffer significant damage during a night of hailstorms. Furthermore, it has low resistance against physical animal activities, such as birds’ pecking against the surface layer.

Only Experts Can Install Them

You might find numerous easy-to-use SPF DIY kits available in online marketplaces. They’re incredibly tempting for many to use. Unfortunately, only experts can provide top-quality SPF roofing installations that will not jeopardize anyone’s health and lives, including themselves.

SPF roofers undergo training and certification to receive permission to provide their roofing services. Additionally, their training guarantees zero possibility of anyone inhaling or ingesting liquid or spray-form foam.

Post-Hailstorm Resprays Necessary

After a hailstorm, you can expect your closed-cell SPF roof to look in poor condition. Contacting SPF contractors for immediate repairs is critical. However, you can expect them to do quick repair work because of SPF’s easy application methods.

If you have yet to find a dependable SPF contractor, don’t hesitate to use our services at Ener Spray. Contact us today to learn more about our services!