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The New Year Is The Right Time to Own SPF Roofs

Spray polyurethane foam roofing is gaining traction as a capable solution for many commercial and industrial properties. Truthfully, single-ply, and rolled roofing has given these properties exceptional service. However, these two roofing materials take much time to install, making SPF a much more attractive choice for numerous flat-roofed properties.

If you’re still thinking about it, you’ll never go wrong using SPF roofing for your properties. Curing only takes 24-48 hours, leaving you with a fully-functional roof in just one weekend. Springtime in 2021 is the best time to own an SPF roof, and you won’t even need to tear down and replace your old roof if it’s foundationally stable. 

Here are five reasons to consider SPF roofing.

Highly Durable

SPF roofs are independent. They require minimal maintenance and repairs. Truthfully, only the installation process takes the most time and resources from property owners. However, you won’t need to bother too much with them after application teams accomplish their task.

Once applicators install them, you can expect these roofing materials to last for more than 50 years at virtually 30-50% of the average 2020 metal roofing price. You’ll only need to have applicators check and address certain areas for possible issues every few years too.

Exceptional Seam Sealing

Single-ply roofs have top-tier sealing. Installation teams use special material-melting torches to create these virtually-impenetrable seams. On the other hand, specialists must be professional and qualified torch roofing installers to prevent possible fire hazards. However, with SPF roofing, you won’t need to fiddle with fire.

Inhalation and safety issues are the biggest troubles applicators face with SPF roofing installations. However, all renowned applicators, including Ener-Spray, always carry their safety equipment and practices on site. In doing so, they guarantee their personal safety, allowing them to perform every project process in the best and most efficient way possible.

Interior or Exterior Oriented

SPF has two varieties: open and closed-cell. Open-cell SPF focuses on expansion, creating a dense, lightweight material that achieves excellent insulation. Alternatively, closed-cell SPF is less expansive but achieves the most durable, virtually indestructible membrane. Applicators use closed-cell SPF for roofing due to its impressive durability.

All SPF applicators must have certification to perform internal and external applications. Therefore, if you have interior or exterior roofing needs, you can always count on SPF applicators to use the best practices in all areas, allowing you to maximize their service.

Best Insulator In The Market

Roofing insulation is a necessity for many properties. Top-tier insulation by open-cell SPF helps drive down utility costs and HVAC wear and tear. With SPF applicators, you can identify air drafts and seal them effectively with a long-lasting material. This process is an additional one that SPF applicators can provide above your standard SPF roofing application.

Top-Notch Professional Applicators

SPF applicators go through extensive training and testing for their certification. All high-quality applicators, including Ener-Spray, are dependable thanks to these certification programs.

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF applicator, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.