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How To Effectively Maintain an SPF Roof Before Snow Arrives

SPF roofs make it possible to have an excellent roof with reduced installation period but performing at a better rate if you compare its performance to single-ply roofing materials. With SPF, applicators even out your roofing surface, then spray equal material amounts.

Like how SPF dries and cures in just 24-48 hours, SPF applicators can perform your roofing maintenance in the same amount of time. Read more about it here

Perform a Roofing Inspection

Roofing inspections help you perform fault-finding quickly, allowing you to see areas that require repairs, replacements, and other damages. Pinpointing these troubled areas and recording them makes SPF roofing maintenance easier.

However, it’s best to call on SPF roofing applicators with decades of experience and knowledge in the field. They can quickly identify and record all your roof’s problems without fail.

Address Punctures and Holes

Your SPF applicators will look through the entire roofing area for punctures and holes. In most cases, they will use mechanical means to seal these areas to even out the surfaces before they start applying caulking and SPF layered sprays.

Truthfully, they’ll need to address a few more things before completely filling in your SPF roof damages. Aside from your roof’s surface, you have a few more problems requiring your attention.

Gutter and Drain Maintenance

Your roof drains and gutters require proper maintenance observations and cleaning. In many situations, roofs suffer from severe damages because your commercial roof’s gutters, rainwater storage, and drain systems have suffered from severe damages.

You may need to contact a non-SPF applicator team for gutter and drain maintenance if they lack the knowledge to perform this. However, we at Ener-Spray can help you with gutter and drain maintenance.

Measure SPF Roof Thickness

In a few years, your SPF roof thickness will begin to dwindle and thin out. On average, an SPF roof thins by 0.3 inches per year. If you have a 10-inch thick SPF roof, you can expect uneven surface deviations that dip between 9.4-9.7 inches after the first year.

Your SPF applicators can quickly address uneven surfaces. In case you need a full SPF roof replacement, your applicators have the right equipment and experience to handle the task at hand.

Apply Caulking and SPF Sprays

Once you or your contractor accomplishes all mechanical repairs and measurements, SPF applicators can now apply caulking on punctures and holes to secure them against the entry of moisture. Then, they’ll apply SPF on uneven areas to equalize and prevent pooling water, which can still cause damages to your SPF roofs.

Like SPF installations, the minor SPF roof repairs will need 24-48 hours until the material starts to dry and cure. If you had SPF applicators over the weekend to perform this task, you can expect it to be safe for everyone’s use by the first working day of the week.

Roofing maintenance is a better option than waiting for a long time to have it repair or replaced. It pays to work with dependable contractors to completely inspect your roof. Some SPF teams can only handle spraying and SPF repairs.

On the other hand, contractors similar to Ener-Spray can give you roof maintenance, redressing, and complete services, which includes minor mechanical repairs where you need it. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.