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5 Reasons Why It’s Scary To DIY SPF Application

Spray polyurethane foam is one of the best roofing and exterior siding materials for residences and properties. It’s easy and fast to apply for all your needs. With the rising number of DIY spray kits available online, you might be tempted to try it out.

However, SPF is helpful if you use it properly. Improper usage can result in long-term health issues and possible lethal outcomes in extreme cases. Here are five compelling reasons why SPF is dangerous to your health if you did not have professionals install it.

Can Cause Lung Disorders

Isocyanates, which are the primary component of SPF materials, can cause skin asthma and cause significant lung damages. When you inhale small, wet particulates during its application, the foam can dry up and cause blockages in your lungs’ essential passages. 

Furthermore, micro-sized amounts incapable of blockages are carcinogens and highly toxic, especially when the tissues start absorbing the chemical into your body.

Skin Irritation

SPF’s direct interaction with skin results in skin irritation. On the surface, you’ll have some difficulty removing the material without the help of professional SPF applicators. Underneath your skin, the SPF bonds and dries skin cells, which can cause long-term, irreparable damages.

Interaction with any part of the body, especially the eyes, can lead to lengthy periods of irritation and possible disorders. It’s highly likely dried SPF can damage your vision if it causes significant eye irritation. 

Breathing Blockages

Inhaled SPF can block your throat, which will cause air blocks in both nasal and digestive passages. Aside from difficulty breathing, you might find it difficult to consume food with an SPF-blocked air passage. Expensive surgery might be the only solution to resolve the problem quickly and with the least trouble possible.

Visual Impairment

The eye is a sensitive tissue that suffers detrimentally from blunt force. The curing and drying of small spray foam fragments can cause tremendous pain when shifting vision in the affected eye. The dried foam in the eye tissue needs careful extraction, which requires major surgery that can be much more expensive than using SPF applicators to perform your SPF project with the right practices and equipment. 

Long-Term Health Issues

Breathing in SPF can only bring dangers to the human body. Only cured and dried SPF with no remnants of wetness and particulates are the safest for any property. DIY SPF kits can offer the same grade of SPF professional applicators use. In this light, you might be saving more, but if you put your health and life in jeopardy, it isn’t a worthwhile investment at all. 

Only Trust Experts To Apply Your SPF For You

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF applicator in your area, you can always count on us at Ener Spray for all your SPF application needs. With decades of experience, certified personnel, and top-notch equipment and facilities, Ener Spray is confident in delivering the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.