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5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Always Work With SPF Professionals

A professional renders their services taking into account their client’s needs and trust at the forefront. Truthfully, anyone can become a professional. However, the route to becoming a professional roofer is a long-term journey that goes beyond theoretical procedures.

Working with professionals gives you a full guarantee from certifying bodies confident in the professional’s capacity to render their service. If you’re planning to use an in-house team for your spray polyurethane foam roof installation repairs, replacements, or installations, always use professionals for the following reasons.

Safety First

Spray polyurethane foam is a dangerous material because of its powder-liquid composition during application. While it’s invisible to the naked eye, it can dissipate into air vapor. 

If you’re working with professional SPF roofers, your safety always comes first. Plus, they have undergone in-depth training to ensure their entire team has the proper safety equipment to avoid inhaling or ingesting SPF during installation.

Efficient Installation Processes

Additionally, professional SPF roofers have undergone SPF roofing installations. Therefore, you can be sure their methods will ensure complete roof seals and quality-control tests. 

In doing so, their installation process is faster yet more efficient. Furthermore, a professional team’s field experience gives them tangible insight, allowing them to adapt to any situation with virtually zero difficulties.

Years of Experience

Experience speaks much more than knowledge because you can be sure an experienced roofer has a tried-and-proven solution. Newly-certified roofers with virtually zero experience can take much more time or even fail to address your roofing needs because they have limited experience.

On the other hand, experienced SPF contractors, such as Ener-Spray, might be an enormous investment. However, the payoff is clear: you get fast, clean, and effective roofing installations that can last for decades.

Material Warranties

When you work with manufacturer-certified contractors, such as Ener-Spray, you can be sure that your materials are always under warranty. Lifetime-warranty materials mean certified contractors deliver high-quality services. If the material starts to act prematurely, the material manufacturer must replace the roof virtually free of charge.

Truthfully, the materials can have faults due to factory defects or oversight. However, if you’re working with certified contractors, you can be sure your project will always be in good shape.


In most cases, time is of the essence with SPF projects. If your SPF roof has a leak or damage, you’ll want to have it addressed before the following day even arrives. 

With an in-house team, they can have the proper equipment, but never the technical experience to speed up the repair or installation process. Therefore, with SPF roofing professionals, you can save time and have full confidence that your project will always be in good hands.

By outweighing the benefits and costs of hiring an SPF roofer, you’ll highly likely land to a conclusion: that professional SPF teams are always the best choice.

If you haven’t found an excellent SPF applicator to help with all your projects, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.