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Can The Weather Easily Destroy SPF Roofs?

Commercial properties have SPF roofs as the next best alternative to traditional flat roofing materials. Truthfully, tri-thermal systems exist, which use EPDM and SPF layers to create a highly-insulating, virtually impenetrable roof requiring maintenance levels similar to SPF roofing.

However, due to its slight anonymity, many commercial property owners find foam roofing weaker than their rubber and completely plastic counterparts.

In response: closed-cell SPF is tough and can handle huge amounts of punishment. Gym rubber, which takes much punishment regularly, is a closed-cell foam example. These can take blunt impacts and foot pressure from repair and inspection teams.

Missile Impacts

On the other hand, closed-cell SPF is not immune to all missile impacts. Sharp objects traveling at high velocity can cut and scoop out roof materials at random. Sharp knives can cut through closed-cell rubber and foam easily. However, EPDM roofs suffer the same damage level with sharp object impact.

Stones with edges and tree branches can cause closed-cell surface perforations. However, experienced and dependable SPF applicators can provide easy repairs that require only a day or two to accomplish. Furthermore, most caulk and sealants work with SPF roofing conveniently, making it easy to fix and redress any missile impact damage.

Truthfully, SPF roofing surfaces feel similar to EPDM roofs. Their major difference: installation process. EPDM roofs use self-adhering methods, which is on par with SPF roofing’s swift installation procedures. However, SPF is seamless because applicators continuously spray them above the underlayment. Once they dry, they’ll elevate to an inch and provide an airtight and insulating layer.

Reforming Imbalances

EPDM and flat-roofing material manufacturers address all possible material imbalances and layer abnormalities during post-manufacturing quality checks. While this is an advantage, property owners might have problems having to tear off and replace the entire flat roof because of it.

For SPF roofing, reforming imbalances is a quick process. SPF applicators will arrive at your doorstep. Next, they’ll locate areas and measure their difference against the general plane. Lastly, they’ll apply SPF to even out caved-in or valleys on your roof, effectively removing the possibility of standing water capable of causing water damage to your property.

If you’re using a tri-thermal roofing system, applicators can use the same imbalance address method because TTR systems use SPF as their topmost layer. In this light, you repair any possible damage to the EPDM layer conveniently with closed-cell SPF sprays.

Easy Recoating

Over time, SPF will deteriorate and require a massive recoating. Like metal roofs, new SPF layers can fill the gaps between torn and deteriorating SPF roofs. However, only SPF applicators can ensure no bubbles and unnecessary swelling between the old and new roofing materials. It’s possible to create odd shapes when SPF materials fill gaps with too much material.

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF applicator, you can always count on us at Ener Spray. We can achieve all the results your project needs with our decades of experience, high-quality equipment, and dependable track record. Learn more about everything we can do — call today!