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SPF Does Provide An Exceptional Amount of Exterior Protection

When you need residential or commercial property exterior insulation, you turn to top-quality wall construction material and high-quality siding or cladding. However, SPF roofing material can provide top-notch exterior protection when you work with dependable applicators, such as Ener-Spray.

Spray polyurethane foam is not the packaging or bedding foam that manufacturers use. It is a special, insulation, and protection-oriented foam that hardens and expands. It provides your property with a great list of benefits, not limited to these five. 

Adding High-Quality Insulation Improvements

SPF applicators will inspect your property for potential air leaks and unseen drafts. In doing so, they help you block areas that both air and moisture can enter. While air leaks will affect your interior room temperatures, moisture in the air can cause water damages that will gravely affect your residential integrity in the future.

With high-quality, leak-proof insulation, homeowners won’t need to worry about insulation issues. Foam is a dense material that can trap air and sound molecules. Furthermore, it blocks moisture from ever entering your property. 

The Fastest Exterior Cladding Installation Possible

With SPF, you can achieve natural exterior cladding. Applicators will arrive at your property and use a series of instruments to spray and provide support structures that enable the exterior closed-cell foam to dry up evenly with an aesthetically-pleasing look.

Once the material dries and cures, it will provide your property with top-notch cladding that protects against moisture, preserves your exterior material foundations, and allows you to improve its curb appeal through the acrylic elastomeric coating. 

Easy Repairs and Re-sprays

Similar to other cladding and roofing materials, SPF’s performance will decrease and become problematic over time. However, SPF teams only need to re-spray your areas with enough material to restore its full integrity and performance.

In contrast, traditional roofing and cladding materials will require extensive tear-offs and re-installation. While these offer the same integrity level as SPF, they take much more time to remove and replace. SPF only uses a liquid spray application and enough time to dry and cure to achieve great results. 

Top-Notch Roofing

For both residential and commercial properties, SPF is an excellent roof replacement material. Closed-cell foam is lightweight and requires minimal equipment to spray on the roof. The installation process is quick and painless, leading many third-party manufacturers to produce DIY spray polyurethane foam application kits.

As professional applicators, we frequently warn about the use of these specialized kits. SPF application requires training and certification to both achieve exceptional results and ensure the safety of applicators. Truthfully, SPF in its liquid spray form is dangerous to any person or animal’s health. 

Sturdy Foundations Require No Destructive Tear-Offs and Replacements

If your metal or asphalt shingle roof has sturdy roofing joints that our professionals deem can last for more than three decades, you won’t need to go through a destructive roof tear-off and replacement. Our team can initiate the spraying process and have your roof dried, cured, and installed entirely in record time.

If you have yet to find dependable SPF applicators in your area, you can trust Ener-Spray’s professionals for the best results. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.