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The Dangers of Buying SPF Kits Online

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) DIY kits are available online if your local supplier ran out of stock or remains closed during this period. However, in a recent post, we’ve hugely advised against using these kits because they’re dangerous. We still stand by this even if it’s quarantine period, and your roofing situation isn’t looking any better.

What’s worse than DIY SPF kits you can source from local shops is buying it from foreign sellers. It’s convenient — especially in today’s mandatory isolation for safety. They’ll deliver it right at your doorstep, and they cost less than local prices. However, you’ll be facing the following problems using them.

You’re Not Working With a Trusted Supplier

Local suppliers can provide you with the best quality SPF kits. They stored these products in excellent, temperature-controlled rooms. Additionally, they check for any package tampering and damages strictly. These SPF kits remain useful for trained SPF applicators during situations where they have a shortage of material to coat your roof.

However, overseas SPF kits from different countries have a separate quality assurance process. Furthermore, you have zero guarantees the SPF you’ll apply on your roof is of good and tested quality. Sure, you’ll get it cheaper, but the costs of potential damages might be too high.

There Is Zero Guarantee Your Safety Equipment is of Good Quality

Some online suppliers offer packaged and bundled deals, which include a safety equipment set. This sounds great because we highly advise every DIY SPF applicator to use the proper equipment that prevents the infiltration of SPF through the eyes, mouth, nose, and pores on the skin.

Unfortunately, because it is made by overseas companies, you can’t be sure of their brand’s quality control. It’s possible to have torn seams and small holes where vaporized SPF can enter and infiltrate your skin and lungs. Furthermore, even if the safety equipment set guarantees zero compromises, it will not last as long as industrial-grade, locally-made sets. 

SPF Kit Mechanisms Can Endanger You

Most of the strict quality control for SPF kits that local manufacturers do is to ensure the applicator mechanism is working correctly. Without going into details, the SPF must spray at a consistent rate without clogging its discharging point. If it happens, it can cause immediate drying, which permanently plugs the exit point with cured SPF

Most overseas-bought SPF kits suffer from this problem. Manually removing wet SPF means using your bare or gloved hands to dislodge the trapped material. If you’re doing this repeatedly, you will not just take much of your work time, but increase the risk of torn gloves exposing your skin to SPF material.

You Might Cause More Damage Than Good Results

The problem with DIY SPF Kits, either local or overseas-made, is the inexperience of users. Indeed, some SPF applicators can use overseas-sourced kits as a last resort in case of supply shortages. However, homeowners attempting to repair their homes with SPF coating might cause more danger due to improper applications and curing.

Difficulty in Returning Defective Products

Lastly, it’s never good to buy online SPF kits because you have no recourse for defective materials. True enough, online marketplaces have a return method available, but it can take much more time. Furthermore, they can ask you to handle the ship-back costs in most cases, which is an added cost you do not need.

Despite the quarantine period, schedule your SPF installation, maintenance, or repair service with Ener-Spray today. When you work with us, we can guarantee you exceptional results for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.