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DIY Spray Polyurethane Foam Kits are Extremely Dangerous

Spray polyurethane foam kits are available from every online marketplace you’ve searched across the internet. You’ve been having problems with the warm draft you’re feeling from an attic corner. Unfortunately, because of the quarantine, it’ll be a while until professional SPF applicators can head to your property to address the problem.

However, we highly advise against using DIY spray foam kits. While they look convenient and easy to use, thanks to plenty of instructional videos, they can do your properties more harm than good. Spray polyurethane foam is a groundbreaking structural material, but its improper use can lead to substantial irreversible consequences. 

You Lack Safety Equipment

One of our main arguments when it comes to using consumer-grade SPF kits is safety. The chemicals and materials manufacturers used in producing small DIY SPF kits are similar to industry-level chemicals. It might only have a smaller container, but the dangers of inhaling the chemical are real. Anybody in your home, most especially you, can inhale SPF.

When SPF gets inside your body, it can rapidly cure. This event can cause lung blockage, which can affect your breathing. You’ll spend far more on medical operations because you’ve used an SPF kit without the necessary safety precautions and equipment. In this light, professional SPF applicators understand the safety procedures and equipment required to apply the chemical in the right amount while ensuring their personnel’s safety.

In-Depth Experience in Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam

SPF comes in two types: open and closed-cell. If you’re using SPF to insulate your property, open-cell is the best option. However, most SPF kit providers in online markets fail to mention whether their SPF kits are open or closed-cells. It’s essential to know the difference between the two because they have different characteristics.

Open-cell SPF expands nominally to fill up spaces. Then, it grows with just enough tension to seal up the air draft passage. On the other hand, closed-cell SPF doesn’t fill up spaces and expands smaller than open-cell SPF. However, it can harden similarly to concrete and provide exterior improvements for your property. 

Cheap But With Huge Consequences

SPF kits are incredibly cheap. However, with the possible inhalation due to the customer’s lack of training and safety equipment, the dangers will expand the costs of these DIY projects. Additionally, severe cases can cost a whole life when you’re using SPF kits. 

SPF manufacturers indeed place a safety warning and guideline for customers. Unfortunately, online marketplace sellers do not include these guidelines in their product descriptions. Therefore, if you’re much interested or in dire need to use SPF kits to address your residential insulation problems, make sure to wear goggles and wrap a cloth or use a mask to cover your face. In doing so, you prevent SPF inhalation. Use gloves and wear long-sleeved clothes to avoid skin contamination too. 

No Labor Assurance

Lastly, SPF applicators have decades of experience and top-quality equipment to deliver the exceptional application and outcome expected by customers. When you use SPF by yourself, you get no labor assurance. Consequently, you can misapply SPF quite quickly and never achieve the results you intend to have.

If you have yet to find a professional SPF applicator near you, you can contact us at Ener Spray to help you with everything you need. Furthermore, if you would like to have online consultations, you can message us today to schedule it as soon as possible.