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5 Top Reasons SPF Is The Best Roofing Material Replacement

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is one of the most remarkable roofing materials you can use as an alternative to conventional commercial and flat roofing. It’s a highly-dependable roofing and exterior cladding material gaining traction with commercial property owners in the country.

Here are five critical reasons why SPF is one of the best roofing replacements you can use for your property. 

Fastest Installation Time

If you need a roof instantly, SPF takes care of all your needs. SPF applicators will inspect your property’s roof and analyze its capacity to lift a lightweight, dense, and durable roofing material. Next, they’ll apply SPF and leave it to cure and dry, and you can call in all the employees to work once they accomplish that.

Also, The Fastest Curing and Setting Time

With conventional roofing materials, you’ll need to wait for weeks until you can have employees back. For example, tar & gravel roofs will have your team off for more than a month to eliminate the noxious fumes and smells. SPF cures within 24-48 hours after application, allowing you to call in everyone without fear of any health or structural concerns.

Ecodur 201 is A Remarkable and Durable Material

Ener-Spray uses Castagra’s high-quality Ecodur 201, an environmentally-friendly SPF material with exceptional corrosive and abrasive resistance. Like other SPF materials, applicators can install them quickly. Additionally, they have capable water-sealing capacities, enhancing any property’s insulation in the process.

No Invasive Installation Methods

SPF does not require an interior assessment. Additionally, corporate and commercial properties use SPF because of its dependability and conveniently-fast installation method. These foam roofs do not need to tear down old low-slope roofing materials to introduce excellent roofing results.

Licensed and Certified SPF Professionals

All over Canada, reliable roofing specialists can install your new SPF roof or exterior coating. These professionals have licenses and certifications from industry specialists and SPF manufacturers nationwide. In doing so, they guarantee only the best results for all your projects.

How To Find the Best SPF Applicators Near You

If you’re having difficulty finding the best SPF applicators available in your area or want to narrow down your prospect list, here are some characteristics.

Ask For Their Portfolio

Reliable SPF applicators have a great list of projects they’ve successfully applied their materials. Proof of concept and application matters greatly to numerous property owners. In doing so, they proudly present their portfolio, allowing you to use it as a gateway to communications for any further inquiries you might have.

Decades of Experience

Any reliable roofer and SPF applicator with decades of experience under their belt is an excellent choice. Adaptability comes from experience that creates problematic situations for theoretical and by-the-book operations. Therefore, you can trust that any business with decades of experience is highly-reliable applicators that can take care of your project entirely.

Certification and Licenses

Lastly, local roofers will always present their authoritative status badge all over their website or marketing outreach. You can verify their certifications and licenses to determine if they’re the best choice for your project.

Suppose you have yet to find a reliable roofer for all your needs. In that case, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray to get the fastest, most durable, and highly-reliable roofing spray polyurethane foam for roofing and cladding needs. Contact us today!