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SPF: The Modern Day Instant Structural Solution for Residential and Commercial Properties

Humanity has gone a long way to find the best materials that he or she can use to create a viable and long-lasting shelter. From leaves and wood, humans have now turned to concrete and steep to develop properties with durability, safety, and dependability, unlike any other. However, the modern construction industry once again receives a new and dependable ally thanks to technology: spray polyurethane foam.

Most remember foam to be the material used to create take-out boxes and packaging frames that reduced shock and impact damage to appliances and fragile items. However, SPF is a special type of foam. In its container, it maintains its liquid form. Once it dries and cures after applicators spray it, it turns into a hardened material that can serve as an additional layer of insulation or even fireproof an entire building.

SPF has two varieties. Open-cell foam is softer than its counterpart, and for a good reason. It assumes the shape of the container or area they situate themselves. For example, an applicator sprays open-cell foam on a cavity that introduces outside air drafts into a home. The soft foam will assume the shape of that cavity, effectively blocking the passage of outdoor air. In doing so, the foam has improved the property’s insulation exceptionally.

Alternatively, closed-cell foam is much more suitable for outside applications. While liquid inside its containers, closed-cells can harden just as much as concrete. In doing so, they also develop fire and impact resistance. These characteristics make them invaluable solutions when it comes to preserving the lifespan of any property by adding another protective layer on its existing walls.

Furthermore, closed-cell foam improves property insulation immensely. Thick concrete can slow down the passage of temperature inside a room. With an added layer, closed-cell SPF will slow down temperature passage even further. Doing this will result in exceptional insulation that drives down your property’s utility bills efficiently.

However, just like any other construction material, SPF is extremely dangerous for first-time applicators to use. All applicators need to wear overalls, goggles, and respirators. Doing this prevents any skin interaction with SPF. The masks and goggles protect the face from possible inhalation, which can lead to long-term lung and skin damages. When SPF dries inside the human body, it can cause fatal and destructive injuries.

Local governments and trade unions only allow applicators with certification to have licenses to apply SPF on properties. Without proper training, an unlicensed applicator can expose themselves to health hazards. They might endanger their clients and nearby properties with their unsecured application too. Worse, they might fail to apply the right amount of SPF necessary to achieve excellent results.

Therefore, it’s wise to use applicators with certification and experience you can count on. If you have yet to find them, you can count on us at Ener Spray for all your SPF needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can achieve with you. Remember, it’s best to trust experts, especially when using modern yet dependable material that requires certification.