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Is it Wise to Use Retail DIY Spray Polyurethane Foam Kits?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is definitely one of the best solutions for roofing or internal property insulation. In fact, the amount you spend on SPF installation/application labor is much more affordable than having a full-fledged roofing replacement. However, most homeowners with successful DIY projects find that they won’t have to spend so much on contractors by using SPF kits.

Is it effective to use SPF kits than professional services?

Study Before You Even Buy

Don’t just pick out the first SPF kit you see in the hardware store. If you’re buying from suppliers, make sure to ask their on-site personnel about how to apply and the proper safety equipment you should wear when doing DIY SPF spraying. Allow them to refer you to a few successful projects (that do not look like advertisements) to see if your choice of SPF kit can give you any kind of success in your objectives.

Difference Between Sealant and Insulation SPF Kits

There are two kinds of SPF: closed and open-cell foams. Closed-cell foams work as effective sealants that help you restore property insulation integrity from cracks and fissures. On the other hand, open-cell foams work as efficient insulation material that creates the famous barrier that slows down the passing of sound and temperatures across different areas.

In this light, make sure to ask personnel about the SPF kit you plan to purchase. Allow them to advise you on which kits can help you achieve your DIY objectives.


Spray polyurethane foam isn’t just a powerful caulking solution to many of your residential insulation problems. It poses many threats. For example, inhalation poses an inherent danger to your respiratory system especially once the foam particles start expanding. Therefore, it’s always important to have the right safety equipment even when doing DIY SPF kit applications.

It’s important for DIY SPF applicators to always wear a full protective suit, chemical-resistant gloves, and goggles that wrap around your entire eye. Acetone can remove freshly-applied foam too, which is useful if you commit errors during application.

The Proper Way to Use It

SPF can provide an additional exterior protection layer for all kinds of properties. Make sure you’re not spraying on a wet surface because it won’t let the fresh foam stick long enough to cure and expand. Make sure to test the moisture level of all applicable surfaces.

Next, to ensure the consistency of your foam application, always install a new spray gun tip if you’re consistently spraying for more than 30 seconds. Therefore, it takes some planning and patience to guarantee an exceptional SPF application all over your property.

Make Sure Only To Work With Professionals

If you find all of these tasks burdensome to handle, professionals such as us at Ener-Spray can do the entire wetwork of applying, installing, and checking the quality of SPF sealing efficiently. We guarantee only the best results for all projects we handle. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!