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SPF and Fireproofing: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Home

In most of our blogs (if you’ve been reading it consistently), we always mention how SPF is a fantastic material for all kinds of applications. While it’s true it’s part of our brand and selling point, SPF itself is a revolutionary material worthy of a myriad of uses. From improving your aged and existing roofing materials to completely replacing them as your primary roofing material, SPF brings its benefits without fail.

Fireproofing is one of the best benefits SPF can provide. It brings next-level fireproofing much better than metal roofing, or single-ply roofs can deliver. Spray foam has no petroleum and other flammable chemicals widely used with asphalt shingles. It will not melt and catch fire just as clay tiles do. However, this is not to say spray polyurethane foam is immune to fire. The material will burn, but it will take more than an hour or so to break it down completely.

Interior -use open-cell SPF coating offers great insulation by filling air gaps inside surfaces once it dries and cures.

Two kinds of SPF exists. Open-cell ones are highly-flammable but improve insulation. They stretch out when they begin curing and drying. However, they do not apply massive pressure — they use enough force to fill the gaps where air or outside temperatures can leak inside.

Closed-cell SPF is a highly flame-resistant barrier. Unlike its brother, this SPF variant will dry and has a limited stretch. However, it is rigid and hard as a rock. If it catches fire, it will never catch fire, especially if it has no external heat source. Its heat resistance, combined with fire heat that radiates to the atmosphere, makes it a formidable exterior cladding that improves roofing resistance against fire.

Indeed, most property owners only fireproof their roofs with SPF. The material is light, and it creates an excellent curb appeal. However, when possible, have the entire property exterior SPF cladding to improve its fireproofing and performance. In doing so, you can prolong its lifespan and even strengthen its insulation — exterior-applied closed-cell SPF can deliver exceptional insulation just like open-cell variants can. While not as intricate because they do not fill the gaps inside, filling the holes from the outside still achieves the intended goal.

Furthermore, SPF applications are more affordable than re-roofing your home with a tear-off and replacement. Applicator teams from Ener-Spray will head straight to your property and conduct a surface survey and cleaning. Then, they’ll unload their spraying equipment and layer your home with protective SPF that improves your property lifespan for less than the price you’ll pay for traditional re-roofing.

SPF is a chemical that requires proper handling (because it is hazardous to the skin and lungs). Still, if you use it properly, it can deliver exceptional results for all your roofing and exterior protection needs.

However, make sure you’re working with a greatly-experienced team of SPF applicators such as us at Ener-Spray. With decades of experience and the best equipment to apply spray polyurethane foam roofing on your home, Ener-Spray only guarantees top-tier results for all your project needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!