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Why Residential and Commercial Fireproofing Is A Must With SPF

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing is common among commercial properties looking for a cost-effective and fast solution to their roofing needs. However, exterior SPF applications do more than protect your walls from the elements. Additionally, it provides you with an added fireproof barrier that halts heat and fire simultaneously.

SPF is an affordable and ground-breaking property enhancement material with many applications. Here are five reasons why you should consider residential and commercial fireproofing using SPF. 

An Excellent, Non-Flammable Fire Barrier

Traditional roofing and construction materials, such as wood, concrete, stone, bricks, and others, are highly flammable. Most of them have their respective petroleum content, which repels moisture and preserves the material.

Unfortunately, petroleum and oil are flammable materials, which will accelerate and prolong fires that break out in the property. SPF contains no petroleum and oil content, making it an effective medium for fireproofing barriers and your property walls. 

Easy to Apply and Repair

SPF roofers can apply the material using their specialty equipment. Truthfully, the applicator’s safety rather than the best practices involved is much more essential in SPF applications. Spray polyurethane foam is dangerous in its pre-cured or dried state. Inhalation can cause an immediate number of respiratory and skin ailments.

However, with professionals, residential and commercial property owners won’t need to worry about their safety. Furthermore, fully-cured and dried SPF is safe and particulate-free while providing you with a top-notch fire barrier keeping your home safe.

Dependable Quality for Decades

Spray polyurethane foam is well-known for its capability to deliver roofing quality that parallels traditional metal roofing materials. While their installation process and maintenance routines are different, both materials can offer about 50-70 years of protection — and sometimes more.

However, SPF is much more affordable and faster to install than metal roofing and cladding. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend as much as you do with a metal-protective acrylic elastomeric coating.

Keep Your Insurance Premiums Low

By fireproofing your home with a tried and tested material, such as SPF, you can keep your insurance premiums low and never an inconvenience. In doing so, your insurer’s review might require you a smaller premium because of your fireproofed wall’s efficacy.

Truthfully, fireproof SPF isn’t infallible. However, with your insurance premiums low but paying high, you can receive just enough to rebuild your property.

Guarantee The Safety of Everyone

SPF roofing has an undeniable and convincing track record that makes it an excellent material for fireproofing and improving a property’s safety. A protective and durable home is advantageous to any household, which makes SPF crucial for any property to use.

However, make sure you work with qualified and certified SPF applicators, such as us from Ener Spray. With decades of experience under our belt, we’re confident in delivering the best results for all the fireproofing, roofing, and other SPF services you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.