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Property Fireproofing With Spray Polyurethane Foam Always Remains a Must!

Spray polyurethane foam is an excellent interior and exterior material. It works as an excellent life-extender for many roofing materials such as metal roofs, single-ply membranes, and even traditional roofing materials (if you don’t mind their aesthetic downgrade). However, more than anything, SPF helps your property achieve the next level of fireproofing only high-quality materials can introduce.

According to Monolithic, when used as an extensive protective layer for both structural roofing and walls, SPF is an excellent fire barrier. Traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and clay tiles are highly flammable because of their petroleum content. However, with spray polyurethane foam as an additional external layer, it will take a while for the fire to penetrate through. Read more about their perspective below.

Urethane foam is an excellent fire barrier when used on the exterior of a building. There are numerous examples of urethane foam roofs saving a building from fire. Burning brands, that can include anything from hot embers to large pieces of burning wood, can lay on a urethane roof for a considerable time before burning through. The urethane insulated roof will simply char. If there is no external heat source, the fire will go out. Urethane requires a lot of heat to keep burning. Where the heat can radiate to the atmosphere, the urethane makes a superior fire barrier.

A mattress factory in Twin Falls, Idaho

Back in the days before we worried about heat sinks, thermal barriers and the like, we insulated a common wall in a mattress factory in Twin Falls, Idaho. We sprayed one inch of urethane foam on the metal wall to protect the office from losing heat into the furniture storage area. One night, the mattress storage area caught fire. That fire burned for a very long time.

The Fire Marshall told me that the fire was against the building’s common wall for better than an hour before they could cool it. He was amazed that the heat did not come through that common wall.

It didn’t because the urethane insulation sprayed on the wall reflected the fire’s heat back into the storage area, rather than allowing the heat to come through. The Fire Marshall declared that he knew of no other material, besides concrete, that could hold back fire for the time they needed to extinguish that fire. (Continued)

However, property fireproofing isn’t through the use of SPF. In fact, it requires a holistic approach that takes care of everything interior and exterior. Home Design By Dave introduces many great ideas to help you fireproof your property in general — learn more about it below.

Have you ever watched a home or commercial building go up in flames? It is a sight you would never forget and if you have lost a home to fire you will know the heartache and cost involved. Homes don’t have to be caught up in a terrible bushfire to be burned to the ground. Often a fire is started due to some fault in the electricity, such as a faulty heater, electric blanket or old wiring. It can also start through an accident in the kitchen, or children playing with matches.

But the result is usually the same. Unless it is put out before it spreads, extensive damage occurs that usually means the home is not safe to live in any more. It is important to fireproof your home if you don’t want to risk losing it to fire. Even a fire in the house next door can affect your house and damage it.

One good way to ensure there is less risk of your home burning down is to build it with a Colorbond roof. The steel sheets are known for their ability to reduce the risks of fire. The burning embers from any fire in the vicinity can easily blow onto the roof and if it sticks in some little niche, the next thing you know your roof is on fire.

But Colorbond is a product that is smooth, with long, wide sheets, especially when compared to roofing tiles. Steel sheeting has virtually no little niches where sparks and embers can alight and remain. They may land, but they either blow off or sizzle out due to the nature of steel that cannot burn unless the temperatures are as high as they were when it was made. (Continued)

You will want to work with the best SPF application and installation company for your projects. If you have yet to find a reliable one, you can count on us at Ener Spray. Contact us today to learn more all that we can do for you!

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