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Different Kinds of SPF Blasting

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a groundbreaking material that can provide an extra layer of protection for your residential and commercial walls and establishments. However, it can be difficult to remove using reasonable means. In this light, using SPF specialists from Ener Spray becomes crucial if the previous contractor made some spraying errors.

SPF blasting makes it convenient to remove many wrongly-cured and applied materials. However, you’ll need to work with professionals who possess the right equipment and expertise. Here are three industrial methods that will remove dried SPF from virtually any surface. 

Cleaning With Water Pressure

Appliance maintenance and cleaning technicians use high water pressure to remove dirt and grime from fragile and delicate electronic equipment. For example, an air-conditioning unit’s fins can change direction and become problematic if you attempt to use brushes and other hard cleaning equipment. Therefore, water introduces just enough pressure that won’t bend the fins but remove the dirt inside them.

SPF becomes moist with water. Furthermore, high-pressure water removes SPF from its surface entirely. This combination makes water a practical choice in blasting SPF off surfaces. SPF cleaning professionals use only local water sources. You might need to pay more if you require them to bring their water sources. 

Using Shots

Removing SPF from properties makes water a practical choice. Even at high velocity, water is non-lethal. However, small ball-bearing shots that specialized machines use are dangerous. They can cause lethal harm and cause environmental damages if you extensively use them. Furthermore, it’s difficult to contain the trajectory of balls from shot-blasting equipment, causing harm and destructive damage to nearby properties.

However, shot balls work better than water, especially on stubborn SPF that has caked densely. Shots are small balls sent at extremely high velocity to clear out and edge surfaces. Therefore, if you have removable siding with SPF problems, you can give it to professional shot blasters to even out the surface and remove the SPF debris that is quite stubborn to remove.

Using Sand Blasters

Similar to shots, sand is a powerful removal agent for SPF. It travels at the same velocity as shots. While it has less mass, it can remove dried SPF with minimal issues. Furthermore, sandblasting is portable — SPF cleaning and removal specialists can bring sandblasting equipment on site. They can then secure the area to limit the sand residue’s outward travel trajectory, effectively containing the materials they use to remove the SPF.

Sandblasters are far more expensive than shot-blasting services because they need to bring additional equipment, safety masks and other necessities, and personnel to your property. However, their efficiency is far more practical, especially for stationary project sites, such as residential and commercial properties.

If you have yet to find SPF applicators who specialize in spraying and removing, you can count on us at Ener Spray to provide you with the best services. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.