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SPF Blasting: What They Are and When Do You Need Them

For most people, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is similar to typical packaging foam, which distributors use extensively for fragile products and items. The final outcome of both SPF and traditional foam looks identical. Additionally, both open and closed-cell SPF is more robust and capable of introducing massive pounds-per-inch (PPI) strength. In doing so, the two can improve property insulation and protect the property against external hazards functioning as an extra barrier.

Unfortunately, these benefits will become enormous problems for property owners when the material starts aging. However, for SPF applicators who have decades of experience in the industry, it’s easy to remove old SPF and replace it with a new coat. Here are the three methods SPF applicators with in-depth expertise, such as us at Ener Spray, use when cleaning up SPF.

High-Pressure Water

You’ve seen HVAC technicians and home cleaners use them in removing the most stubborn dirt and particles across your home. High-pressure water is the safest among all three methods to remove old and aged SPF. You’ll just need a water compressor to introduce pressure upon ejecting water. The water’s rapid movement will dislodge all soon-to-dry and already-cured open and closed-cell SPF.

We at Ener Spray only use this if convenient water sources are nearby, such as garden faucets. On the other hand, high-pressure water does not leave clean finishes that the other advanced procedures can introduce. However, its accessibility and simple principle make it an essential part of the cleaning arsenal.

Shot Blasting

SPF panel surface applications are problematic because not even the sturdiest knife can remove them. Only high-impact shattering is the best option to remove stubborn, dried, and aging SPF from your roof. Stationary shot blasting machines allow applicators to remove SPF on metal or concrete surfaces. The round shots guarantee an excellent finish (which high-pressure water cannot achieve).

On the other hand, shot blasting equipment is heavy and only allows one panel of SPF cleaning at a time. This handicap makes them somehow cumbersome to bring along, which is why SPF removing teams often bring the panels back to their facilities for processing.


Portable sandblasters compress air and eject sand at the same time to introduce surface abrasions to stubborn SPF materials. Sandblasting requires proper equipment to avoid contaminating the applicator’s eyes and body. Its portability makes it one of the most efficient tools for cleaning up problematic and stubborn SPF.

While shelf-sold sandblasters are available from nearby hardware and appliance stores, specialists use an advanced machine. Furthermore, experts have safety equipment that helps them avoid bodily contamination. Make sure to use the right equipment if you intend to use sandblasters.

The Importance of SPF Blasting

Problematic SPF applications happen. We at Ener Spray have encountered our own set of problems in many of our projects. Thankfully, we have all the equipment necessary to remove soon-to-dry SPF and even cured SPF immediately.

In this light, we’re confident that we can help you achieve the results you need for all your SPF blasting needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.