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SPF Applications: Only Trust Certified Applicators

Spray polyurethane foam applications seem simple because of its convenient cement-style laying and curing. Despite its simplicity, only certified applicators can achieve top insulation, reroofing, and fireproofing. Procuring SPF applicator machines are easy to use but requires professionals to achieve the best results. Learn the five reasons why you should only trust certified SPF applicators.


The Canada Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA) oversees and regulates the activities of top-tier SPF applicators in the country. A CUFCA SPF company has certified and well-trained members to ensure workplace and project safety, proper application, and guaranteed workmanship. All CUFCA members have respective manufacturer certifications that grant complete warranties.

Active Member of An Association

CUFCA, Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), and other local polyurethane foam associations regulate and improve each member company’s skills to reach public standards and guarantee excellent results for every project. 

Guaranteed Materials and Workmanship

All high-quality SPF manufacturers guarantee their project’s materials with decades-long guarantees that range from 10-15 years. Spray polyurethane foam application projects can have a 10-15-year average coverage period. Ask your manufacturer and installation team about their benefits and coverage for their materials and projects.

Positive Client Reviews

SPF application is a complex yet delicate process. Happy customers with great project results will always endorse applicators who achieved great results. You can talk to these customers or assess the average issues in all positive and negative reviews regarding applicator conduct, final project results, and long-term SPF condition.

Local Materials Supplier

You can find affordable SPF from international suppliers. Unfortunately, your team may use these materials problematically. Locally manufactured and renowned SPF materials have longer lifespans, exceptional resistances, and effective insulation because manufacturers formulate new iterations with continuous testing and improvement.

Why Choose Ener-Spray As Your SPF Applicator?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Ener-Spray’s commercial SPF services.

Decades of Experience and Knowledge

Ener-Spray continues to provide excellent SPF applications for commercial properties since 2001. Our decades of experience guarantees only the best results for your insulation, fireproofing, cladding, and other SPF needs.

Part of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association

Ener-Spray is a member of the NFCA and CUFCA. Our workmanship is evaluated, re-educated, and tested to guarantee excellent and life-saving fireproofing for all our clients. NFCA requires consistent knowledge-building and re-testing to ensure solid and time-tested fireproofing.

Maintains a COR of Alberta’s Safety Program

Alberta’s Certificate of Recognition for excellent safety programs ensures the business you’re working with complies with all safety standards, has top health and safety management in all their workplaces and projects, and has gone through a long professional period without any accidents.

Member of Calgary Construction Association

The Calgary Construction Association (CCA) has over 850 member local companies networking with each other to create the best local construction projects possible. Each member company has cutting-edge services and builds opportunities with businesses that comply with their high workmanship standards.

Get started working with Ener Spray today and get the best results for your project’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.