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The Ease of SPF Slab Lifting: Is It As Simple As It Looks?

Slab lifting looks like this: you have a massive slab on the floor sealed with concrete for over 10-15 years. Because of the hardened cement underneath, it’s next to impossible to think about how to remove it without destroying the base floor tiles. That’s where SPF becomes a massive part of the process. Without the need for heavy-duty equipment, slab lifting becomes more manageable, and there is less risk of creating foundational ground cracks that will make it irreparable.

Polyurethane foam is useful because applicators such as Ener Spray won’t use heavy-duty, high-torque acceleration equipment. Instead, lifting foam allows them to inject small increments that can safely and slowly raise the tiles from the ground base level into higher levels. They will continue to do this until they can easily remove the slab or continue to apply pressure on it in compliance with the client’s or developer’s requirements.

Slab lifting is indeed a simple process. First, applicators drill a hole into the slab. The hole must reach the subgrade, and they will attach a delivery port into the slab hole. Doing this allows the injection gun to transfer SPF foam into the slab and raise it little by little.

The injection gun’s pump is full of SPF foam. The port will serve as the bridge that injects the SPF material into the slab. Within seconds the article will raise the concrete while only compressing and not disrupting soil composition underneath.

In doing so, the results are faster and become more apparent within seconds. Without needing an invasive excavation, concrete tiles and flooring get their replacements with a hassle-free process that minimizes messes and externally-damaging factors that can result in problematic situations in the future.

Furthermore, applicators can interchange their tasks from one into the next because of the fast turnaround time SPF slab lifting entails. Slab lifting and removal with SPF can quickly repair concrete materials, especially if they require cement injection or caulking on much of its surface areas.

While it seems like a simple task, only professional SPF applicators such as Ener Spray must help you with these tasks. Most companies try to use in-house teams that have had basic SPF application training to attempt slab lifting tasks. However, without the necessary experience, raised or removed tiles might break or become further damaged. By leaving this task to qualified SPF applicators such as us, you’ll save more time and money in the process.

SPF slab lifting requires a full understanding of how open and closed cell foams work. For most slab-lifting, closed-cell foams are useful for pushing them out if the concrete is still sturdy. However, open-cell foams are helpful if there’s a need to gradually push or have a cushion against rising forces to prevent the breakage or damage to concrete tiles.

Make sure to work only with professional SPF applicators for all your slab lifting needs. If you have yet to find one to work with, you can count on us at Ener Spray. With our extensive experience in providing top-quality slab-lifting and SPF services, we guarantee only exceptional results for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.