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5 Compelling Reasons Why SPF Is Perfect for Slab Lifting

Spray polyurethane foam is top-notch when it comes to providing top-quality results for property coating. It can serve as an excellent roofing layer or an additional protective coating to improve insulation and siding. However, it’s one of the most perfect chemicals for slab lifting.

Traditional slab lifting takes time. Workers have to weaken the concrete foundations of the slab. Then, they’ll use specialized equipment to lift and remove the slab without harming its integrity. Lastly, they’ll need additional equipment to replace the slab. You won’t have these troubles and additional expenses when you use SPF for slab lifting. 

Avoid Harsh Pressure With Heavy-Duty Materials

Before SPF, slab lifting required heavy-duty equipment to lift the slab after workers employ a specific process to weaken its concrete foundations. Unfortunately, this operation leads to the slab’s minimal density, which is an additional expense due to the untoward but inevitable damages.

However, with SPF slab lifting, applicators use an industrial SPF injector into the small drilled sections of the slab. These injections will lift the slab gradually off the floor. The slab’s concrete foundations weaken, but its density remains unchanged. 

Prevent Any Slab Damage Thanks to Soft SPF Density

Slab-lifting equipment uses dense mechanical components, such as claws and panels, to lift the slab off the ground. Because concrete slabs are relatively softer than its lifter, any additional pressure from the lifting or removing mechanism can damage its integrity.

On the other hand, SPF has a softer density than concrete. It uses its density to lift the concrete instead of its default hardness. In doing so, it avoids any untoward damages that traditional slab lifting and removal equipment can inflict. 

No Invasive Excavations

Old methods of removing slab have workers use vehicle-mounted drills and allow workers to move under the slabs to push them out for removal and replacement. This practice is time-consuming and costly because of the machines, workers, and equipment involved.

SPF slab lifting only uses a single team of lifters and small equipment. By injecting SPF under the slab through sufficiently-drilled holes, the slab will lift, and the SPF will fill out the drilled holes. Furthermore, SPF teams can repair slab with high-quality SPF that lasts for decades, too.

Fewer Expensive Equipment (And Expenses)

SPF applicators use specific equipment and tools to deliver exceptional slab lifting services. Furthermore, they maximize equipment with their decades of experience and training.

When you need slab lifting, you should call upon an SPF application team to help you remove the slab. If you need to repair and replace your slabs, they’re the team you can count on.

Many Professionals Capable of Performing Slab Lifting

You won’t need to look far to find professionals capable of slab lifting. Ener Spray is one of the best SPF applicators in your area that can perform and achieve the results you need.

In case you need SPF slab lifting, roof retrofitting, and other services that use SPF, you can trust us at Ener-Spray. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.