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4 Convincing Reasons Why You Need Insulation and Protective Coating Simultaneously

Without property insulation, retaining interior temperature is greatly impossible. Protective coating helps reduce missile, elemental, and fire damages during any incident. Having these two together in a single project might sound expensive for some property owners. However, SPF applicators, such as Ener Spray, highly advise both’s use for all commercial and industrial properties.

While it’s not going to be the most desirable aesthetic for most properties, it offers the highest level of protection and energy efficiency. If you’re debating about using insulation and protective coating simultaneously, the following benefits might prove useful for you.

Highest Level of Fireproofing

Virtually every SPF grades highly in fireproofing. Because of their solid mass, density, and capability to smother and suffocate fires, insulation is a great answer to improving a property’s fire rating. However, fires have a huge hurdle to tackle with a protective coating, allowing fire prevention teams to contain them in one location.

With both insulation and protective coating, you have the best protection for your property. While it’ll cost much more using two services together, you are making the best investment for preserving your properties. Plus, you have a specialist that can handle the property’s SPF interior and exterior maintenance routine. 

Best Insulation Capability

An SPF layer of protection is enough for most residences to lock in both sound and temperature inside their walls. Doing so helps reduce the noise passing through surrounding structures. However, with the addition of protective coating, you have the best possible insulation.

SPF reflects UV rays, which made it popular as a roofing solution. This feature is true with exterior cladding applications too. Therefore, you can prevent additional heat absorption into factories, sheds, and facilities through insulation and a protective coating.

With double insulation layers, heat and sound molecules will bounce off or slowly penetrate the exterior cladding layer, your property’s material, and the insulation layer.

Most Cost-Effective Solution

Having a single project handle both insulation and protective coating is cost-effective because you’ll save much time and labor costs using a single SPF applicator. Most professional SPF applicators, such as Ener-Spray, can provide you with both insulation and protective services. Some will even give you a discount for using both services.

While material costs are still higher by using a single service, suppliers can have discounts, especially if you use them for recoating your properties.

Top-Notch Applicators

Lastly, you wouldn’t have any shortage of great applicators around your area. For example, Ener-Spray is Canada’s best SPF applicator. With a single search engine query, you can find like-leveled applicators who can deliver excellent application results for all your needs. 

Plus, licensed SPF applicators can give you the warranties your projects need. You’ll have both material and labor warranties, giving you the best recourse in case something happens.

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF applicator for all your needs, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.