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Should You Consider Buying DIY SPF Spray Kits Online?

Spray polyurethane foam is an excellent and greatly-dependable roofing material. However, because it rapidly dries and expands from its liquid state, it is an immense health hazard without the right installation and application equipment. Professional applicators, such as us at Ener-Spray, have undergone rigorous training and certification to make sure we do not only do a good job, but to keep ourselves safe as well.

In this light, is it safe to consider using retail DIY spray polyurethane foam kits? If you’ve done a simple search engine query, you can find so much of them sold online through different online stores. Unfortunately, many countries allow the sale of DIY SPF kits, and somehow, nobody regulates it too.

While you might see reviews that many homeowners are quite satisfied with the products yielding excellent results for their projects, it’s scary to think of the consequences they might have or can possibly suffer after inhaling and getting on their skin even just a small patch of SPF.

Both open and closed-cell SPF foam expand once it starts drying and curing. In doing so, they provide excellent insulation blocks or exterior property protection. In fact, closed-cell foam is strong enough to remove slabs from the floor without invasive or destructive equipment.

Now, imagine the same foam expanding in small amounts in your lungs. In fact, if the skin has partially absorbed the liquid matter, the expansion can lead to terrible problems. Even if medical professionals can handle managing the damages, it can lead to permanent disabilities too.

Do-it-yourself projects are great skill and character building activities for everyone. Furthermore, SPF kits can teach you lots about the convenience of insulating before installing drywalls without having to look for specific acoustic batts or mattresses. Indeed, retail SPF kits cannot achieve closed-cell durability and dependability (being an industrial-grade construction material), but the danger of soft, expanding foam inside the lungs or on the skin is definitely real.

SPF kits are cheap, and if you plan to do a DIY project, make sure you prioritize your safety above everything else.  Talk to us or other professionals in your area to learn about the safety equipment we use before applying SPF. Allow us to gauge the accuracy of your retail SPF equipment even through a photo. In doing so, professionals can help you adjust your kit and guarantee your safety and excellent results for your projects.

However, when it comes to exterior SPF applications, retail kits do not have the capacity to handle them as they should. Most retail kits are hand-sized. Exterior closed-cell foam comes from a huge tank that has special applicator equipment to ensure the balanced application of closed-cell SPF.

Remember, only trust professionals who can handle your SPF needs that ensure long-term advantages for your property. If you have yet to find a professional applicator that can help you save so much money and time, you can call us at Ener-Spray. With decades of experience handling SPF projects, we’re confident in delivering solutions that achieve your objectives. Contact us today.