Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to help with your industrial insulation needs.
Protect your industrial building or structure from rust and corrosion.

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Our experienced diverse management team created Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd. We have extensive knowledge in sprayed coatings and liners with backgrounds from working in the oil, gas and construction industry.

The dynamic team saw a need for coating applications for cold weather, specifically in Alberta. The winter months can be long, dark, and extremely cold in Alberta, making it hard to complete spray coating jobs. With the assistance of Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd., we can complete coating jobs in weather as cold as -20°C.

Whether it be internal tank coatings, geotechnical foam injection, spray foam insulation, or fireproofing, Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd. has the abilities and expertise to get the job done.

what we offer

We are committed to delivering high-quality projects with innovative design solutions and excellent value through careful cost control and programs that ensure client satisfaction.

TTR Roofing

Ener-Spray is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and installation services for various types of spray applied insulation.


We provide the highest quality and installation services for various types of spray-applied insulation. Proper insulation lowers costs and improves comfort.


Ener-Spray applies several ULC Listed IFRM and SFRM materials. We keep your fireproofing on schedule and on budget.

Roofing Rehabilitation

Ener-Spray specializes in liquid applied retro fit and flat roofing systems. Why tear your old roof off when you can use Ener-Spray’s Roofing Rehabilitation program?

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