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Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions Ltd. was created from a diverse management team with an extensive knowledge in sprayed coatings and liners who have backgrounds ranging from working in the oil & gas industry to experience in the construction industry. The dynamic team saw a need, specifically in Alberta, for cold weather coating application. Whether it be internal tank coatings, geotechnical foam injection or spray foam insulation and fireproofing, Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions has the abilities and expertise to get the job done. In Alberta the winter months can be long, dark, and extremely cold, making it hard to complete many spray coating jobs. With the assistance of Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions, coating jobs can be completed in weather as cold as minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Ecodur 201 Protective Coating:

Ecodur is the primary plastic coating used by Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions. This product is environmentally friendly, containing non-toxic, solvent free, VOC-free, and BPS-free ingredients. Ecodur is highly durable and is Class A fire retardant. This ‘bio-safe’ product is NSF 61 rated for potable water container use. It’s easily sprayed at varying temperatures, including cold weather, and is designed to have fast cure rates. Ecodur is the best choice for internal tank coatings. It will out-perform and outlast conventional epoxy coatings that have been the industry norm for many years. Ecodur has a much wider application temperature window (-20C vs +4C). Its adhesion strength is much higher than epoxy making the systems life cycle much longer. Ecodur’s high adhesion, high elongation and high tensile strength characteristics make it a very durable coating. Handling of tanks, pipes and coated structures can cause the tradition epoxy coating to crack, break off and fail. Ecodur will flex and bend and maintain adhesion making I the perfect coating for oil fields structures that get moved around. Ecodur has a huge chemical resistance and has been tested against most of the chemicals used in the petroleum industry and wastewater industries.

Typical Uses:

  • Internal steel tanks
  • Secondary Containment (Concrete/ Geotextile)
  • Internal Pipe Coatings
  • Internal Concrete Tanks
  • Frack Tanks
  • Sumps and Trenches
  • Water Storage
  • Internal steel tanks
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Internal rail tank car coatings
  • Floor coatings
  • Warehouse floor coatings
  • Block wall waterproofing
  • Manholes

Internal Tank Coatings:

Ener-Spray uses Ecodur as the main Industrial coating for Internal Tank Liners while still having access to several other coatings. It is the perfect solution for all kinds of products from potable water to oil and everything in between. Ecodur is engineered to withstand all kinds of environments including high heat, high pressure and all kinds of chemicals. Ener-Spray has the ability to spray both new and old bolted tanks used in the Oil & Gas industry. When steel tanks in the oilfield have been in service for many years they will require refurbishing at one point or another, instead of acquiring a new tank it is more economically feasible to sandblast and recoat existing tanks. Along with refurbishing, Ener-Spray also does many new construction coatings and has the ability to bridge chimes and flex with the tanks structure. From Potable water tanks to petroleum products such as oil and fuels Ener­ Spray will find a solution.

  • Oil Tanks (400bbl-150,000bbi+)
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Frac Tanks
  • Brine Tanks

Media Blasting

Ener-Spray can assist with a variety of media blasting such as sandblasting, shot blasting and high pressure water cleaning.

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment repairs and new construction is another area where Ener-Spray excels. Ener-Spray’s plastic coatings can be applied to various surfaces. Sprayed Liners for secondary containment can be done with Ecodur or Polyurea and various other coatings. Our spray applied coatings are being used for many different containment needs from containment ponds, tank farms, under compressors and oil and gas pipelines. Our products have a high life expectancy, high abrasion resistance, fast application, wide temperature application range, zero VOC’s, high chemical compatibility and high UV resistance. The liners are typically sprayed over a geotextile matting and can be left exposed. No need for sand or gravel. We can apply a non- slip surface.

Rolls of geotextile can be sprayed at our shop and shipped to site. Seams will be sprayed on site and this process can save time and construction interruption.

  • Tanks / Tank Farms
  • Containment Ponds
  • Sumps and Trenches
  • Wellheads and Pump Jacks
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Under Concrete Slabs

Spray Foam Insulation

2 lb. medium-density foam is a spray-applied insulation, air barrier and vapor barrier that has the following benefits:

  • Highest R value of insulation materials
  • 100% adhesion to substrate
  • VOC’s below detection
  • Zero Ozone Depleting
  • Fills in all gaps and voids making it the perfect solution to insulate complicated structures.
  • Will flex and move with a structure. Increases rack and shear strength.
  • Fire resistant but may have to be covered with a thermal barrier.
  • Can be used on the interior or exterior of projects depending on application

Ener-Spray has been involved with Sprayed polyurethane foam for over 15 years. We have the experience and crews to get any job done effectively, on time and on budget.


  • Skids
  • Tanks
  • Compressor stations
  • Pipeline
  • Portable buildings
  • Below grade work

Industrial slab lifting and void fill

Ener-Spray is your specialty solution provider for lifting concrete slabs and offers a cost saving opportunity over full concrete replacement. Over time, sub-surface water erosion, unstable soils, and poor compaction can all lead to uneven settling. Ener-Spray technology can restore your concrete slabs to their original levels. All while filling any voids that may have developed over time.

Fallen slabs are restored with expert results

Ener-Spray’s skilled site technicians lift concrete slabs by injecting polyurethane foam in the areas below the slab. Small 5/8” holes are drilled in the surface of the slab itself. Then, Ener-Spray materials are injected beneath the slab. The foam travels into the voids due to the high-pressure nature of the injection system, lifting the sunken slab, and accurately restoring it to its correct height with expert results.

Cause and Effect

Often the cause of residential slab sinking can be right in front of our eyes. As we know keeping water away from a foundation is generally a good practice. In many occurrences, the downspout exit location can be the cause of the sidewalk or driveway sinking. Prior to sinking a void will occur. If not dealt with the potential for failure is high. Having Ener-Spray inject polyurethane foam can prevent further voiding and damage to the concrete. In commercial application cause is often vibration and heavy equipment. There are several specialty injectable foams to help mitigate these issues that arise with the existing slab. Often times saving shutdown time, money and effort.

Environmentally friendly and water-repellent

Our slab lifting material’s inert qualities make it completely safe for the environment without risk of leaching into surrounding areas. In addition, the density and water-repelling characteristics will actually displace water during application and block water pathways, helping to prevent further water-related problems from occurring. Specialty foam are utilized for the correct product and application. Ener-Spray has access to many different varieties of foam to suit each specific project.

Void Fill above and Below ground

Ener-Spray is your preferred and effective solution for filling above-grade and below-grade voids. Voids can occur for a variety of natural and manmade reasons, including water erosion, sinkholes, tunneling and mining, and abandoned excavations and pipes. Unlike mud jacking, Ener-Spray void filling materials are impervious to water, and actually displace fluids and seal off water pathways, thus helping to prevent a reoccurrence of the void. Ener-Sprays’ void filling material’s inert qualities also make it safe for the environment, without risk of leaching into surrounding areas. After the injection, the holes are patched with concrete and the area can be used immediately – no waiting for drying or curing.