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If You’re Tempted to Use DIY SPF Kits, Just Don’t

With the quarantine period restricting movement in the last few months, many property owners saw DIY SPF kits sold in online marketplaces. They’re convenient and affordable too — you can find they’re priced quite lower than the average market prices.

However, DIY kits can create more potential problems than solutions, especially for homeowners who believe they can retrofit their entire roof with only the kit and not the proper equipment. If you’re tempted to use DIY SPF kits, we highly discourage you from doing so.

The Irreversible Dangers

Spray polyurethane foam is a significantly-helpful material. The closed-cell foam for exterior applications, such as artificial cladding or roofing, adds a robust layer of protection that guarantees longevity and capability of defense against the elements.

However, the chemical is easily inhalable. It can cause skin irritations. Furthermore, inhaling it will result in possible irreversible ailments that can cause significant and long-term lung damage. In extreme cases, SPF has caused a patient’s death due to lung irritation and suffocation. 

The Expensive Safety Equipment

Some property owners and DIY homeowners without prior experience might go with putting a cloth over their faces and using swimming goggles to protect themselves. Wearing thin overalls, they proceed with using the DIY kit.

However, the reason why SPF application equipment is quite an investment is its durability and design. Manufacturers have gone through decades of experience analyzing customer pain points and upgrading their products to achieve exceptional results. Therefore, using affordable but unproven equipment can still lead to disastrous consequences. 

Lack of Professional Training and Experience

Training is an essential part of applying SPF coating. Without prior training and experience, property owners and homeowners might cause their DIY kits to malfunction. Furthermore, with erroneous troubleshooting, their SPF situation can become worse.

Malfunctioning equipment can cause SPF DIY kits to possibly explode or expel all of its content in an area. Cleaning this up will require proper equipment that professionals, such as us at Ener Spray, possess. In doing so, your affordable DIY kit has led to a more expensive problem. 

Sub-Par Results In Application

If homeowners and property owners have the right equipment, they may apply too much layer in one area. As a result, they might find an uneven roof that introduces ponding. Furthermore, poor seaming can cause insulation problems for property owners in the future.

By entrusting work to professional SPF applicators, such as Ener-Spray, you’ll always have consistent results that resolve your problems in no time. Professionals receive certification by completing their progressive training program, which includes the latest equipment and practices when it comes to SPF application.

If you have yet to find a trustworthy SPF applicator in your area, you can count on us at Ener Spray to provide you with the best solutions for all your needs. We provide a wide range of services, which we’ve continued to perform in the previous decades. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.