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How Well Does Spray Polyurethane Foam Work?

Spray polyurethane foam is rapidly becoming a popular commercial roofing choice among factories and corporate buildings. However, many still doubt its capacity to achieve high-quality results as a roof, cladding, and siding. Here are ways that demonstrate SPF’s efficiency as roofs, siding, and insulation.

Significantly Reduced Heat Transfer

Spray polyurethane foam is well-known for its reduced heat transfer. It has molecules that are more dense and smaller than the liquid, so when the foam is sprayed it cools down the application surface. This makes it a perfect insulator and roof that reduces heat and maintains consistent interior temperature.

SPF can function as a vapor barrier or as an exterior layer (using closed-cell SPF) to reflect heat or as an interior layer (using open-cell SPF) to absorb moisture.

The R-value of spray polyurethane foam is generally around 2.6, which is one of the highest and can achieve excellent insulation for properties.

High-Quality External Protection

Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam is an effective form of external protection for properties because it has a protective layer that can create a barrier between the property and the elements, which prevents damage to the property.

Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam is an insulation that is made up of many cells that are isolated from one another. This means that these cells do not touch each other, so if one cell is punctured, the liquid inside the cell will not leak out and damage the other cells.

While it doesn’t expand as wide as open-cell foams, closed-cell foams achieve excellent insulation and protect against dust, dirt, and debris.

Long-Term Durability and Lifespan

SPF has a dense foam that water can’t infiltrate. Plus, it has chemical resistance against oils, acids, and moisturized smog. It also has excellent impact resistance that can sustain footfalls, hailstones, and other heavy objects. For example, under the concrete footings of a building, its foam form can withstand the weight of an object for six hours or more before it produces cracks.

Easy Maintenance and Reapplication

Spray polyurethane foam is easy to install. Applicators will spray equal layers that can cure within 24-48 hours. As a result, property owners have a new roof or fully insulated wall within a few days.

This works better than delaying work for two weeks to replace an aging single-ply or built-up roof. Adding another two weeks for a roof replacement would double the installation cost.

If you have yet to find a reliable spray foam applicator, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. Our experience and knowledge of SPF application guarantees the best results for all your project needs. Contact us today.