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How Do You Maintain a Spray Polyurethane Roof?

A spray polyurethane roof is made from a liquid polyurethane and aggregate mixture that is sprayed onto the roof decking. It is an excellent roofing solution because it can be installed in buildings and other properties quickly.

SPF roofs are a one-coat application that enables it to have a quick application with less labor. Plus, it has an R-value of 5-6 per inch that provides you with excellent insulation and is greatly fire-resistant.

Lastly, maintaining it is an easy feat because it entails simple methods to provide upkeep. Learn more about these below.

Regular Cleaning

After heavy storms or rains, in-house maintenance teams should inspect the spray polyurethane roof for possible damages. In most cases, dirt, debris, and flying objects are the biggest culprits right after a storm. To clean them off the roof, use a leaf blower to clean off any loose material. Doing so helps you learn if your roof has any damages. If the damage is too extensive, it might be necessary to contact an outside contractor to inspect and repair the roof.


The chemicals that cause the spray polyurethane to have discolorations are VOCs, which are released into the atmosphere as a result of the production, distribution and use of products containing volatile organic chemicals. These chemicals are emitted in various ways: for example, during their production, by leaks in storage tanks, or when they are used as propellants or solvents.

Thus, it pays to have great care when approaching roofs and using various spray compounds. Consult your SPF specialist to learn about the best chemicals to clean and care for your SPF roof

Puncture Repairs

Spray polyurethane foam roofs can develop splits or blisters. To repair these, use a putty knife or a razor blade to scrape off the damaged material, and then spread new spray polyurethane foam or caulk on the roof, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

To ensure you’re complying with manufacturer guidelines, you can call upon your trusted SPF applicator to help you out. For example, Ener Spray can help you with puncture repairs by using the same material to address blisters, splits, and punctures on your roof.

Caulking Layers

Caulk helps seal and repair your spray polyurethane foam roof by filling in gaps between the foam and the roof deck. Caulk is good for sealing air leaks, stopping ice dams and preventing water penetration. Make sure your repair team can apply it carefully before you install the foam to ensure a proper seal.

Silicone caulking is the best choice for repairing small issues on your SPF roof because they’re waterproof, can withstand high temperatures, and does not shrink. Closed-cell SPF, in particular, benefit greatly from caulking layers.

Use a Professional Team

A professional is trained and experienced in the process of repairing an SPF roof . They know all the safety precautions, they know the right amount of material needed and they have the right tools to do the job. Using a professional is not only going to save time but can also save you money on materials. and labor.

Some SPF roof repairs require a permit. Using a professional will help you obtain this permit. In the city of Miami, for example, permits are required to replace an existing roof and are included in the cost of the project.

If you have yet to find a professional team to help with your SPF roofing needs, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. Contact us today to learn more about our services.