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How Can You Accurately Differentiate a Fire-Rated and Regular SPF Material?

Spray polyurethane roof is an excellent alternative to traditional commercial roofing because of its cost-efficiency and availability. With the rising professional SPF applicator number, you can quickly find a dependable and certified applicator who can get your SPF roof sprayed and dried in the best way possible.

However, numerous property owners are having trouble choosing between fire-rated and regular SPF materials. Truthfully, all SPF materials can deliver exceptional fire resistance, but a special line of fire-rated SPF materials can deliver top-level results during the most troubling of incidents.

Test and Certification

One major difficulty in differentiating between regular and fire-rated SPF materials is testing and certification. Many manufacturers talk about high levels of strict quality control in all phases. However, they never talk about any fire-proofing test and certification.

Asking a certified and trustworthy SPF applicator, such as Ener-Spray, can help you know whether your chosen SPF material can deliver top-notch fire protection than other materials.

Ecodur 201

For example, Ener-Spray uses Ecodur 201, which guarantees all the best bells and whistles SPF can provide. It is seamless, eliminating water seepage, and ensures full UV protection for the property. Furthermore, property owners will enjoy its excellent, bill-saving insulation capabilities.

Ecodur 201’s manufacturer lists its website that it has undergone a hefty round of fire tests in the last few years. The positive test results showing its resilience guarantee that Castagra’s Ecodur 201 is sufficiently fire-resistant while providing all SPF benefits available in the industry.

UL Approval

If you wish to use an alternative SPF material, it’s best to look for the UL approval logo. Any manufacturer including a UL approval seal on their products has undergone rigorous fire testing. Therefore, they guarantee that their products are Class-A fire rated.

Many asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and slate tiles have UL-approved products. Ecodur 201 is an SPF material with a Class-A fire rating, ensuring that your property is completely safe as long as certified applicators perform the due diligence of application and drying.

Much More Expensive

Truthfully, highly fire-rated SPF materials are higher investments than SPF materials with lower fire ratings. However, their return is a fully-safe SPF application ensuring their home’s complete safety. Many commercial properties with fire-rated SPF complete with testing give themselves guarantees that their properties won’t suffer any fire collapse during a troubling event.

We highly advise investing in top fire-rated SPF materials to ensure you get the best and longest-lasting results for your roofing protection.

Dependable Suppliers

Castagra is just one of the most reliable suppliers you can use for your projects. However, you can do a simple search engine query and find many alternative suppliers who can provide you with top-performing SPF roofs.

If you have yet to find a reliable SPF applicator for all your roofing needs, you can always count on us at Ener-Spray. With our decades of experience, plus an enormous roster of successful projects and suppliers, we guarantee only the best results for all your projects. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.