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The Major Advantages of Ecodur 201 for Industrial Properties

Spray polyurethane roofing is an excellent material for introducing external enhancements for all structures. Unlike traditional roofing materials, SPF spreads over your flat roof evenly. Its layered and expanding characteristic makes it easy to maintain and enhance over time. Closed-cell SPF materials, such as Castagra’s Ecodur 201, is one of the best for both corporate and industrial applications.

If you’re planning to use high-quality SPF to enhance your property, consider using Catagra’s Ecodur 201 because of the following advantages.

Environmentally Friendly

Ecodur 201 is a formulation including vegetable oil and rock minerals, which they can’t specify by commercial law. However, the SPF material has exceptional flexibility and durability. Manufacturers, fabricators, and chemical processing companies have an advantage in using Ecodur 201 because of its chemical neutrality.

Despite its polyurethane plasticized gypsum nature, it is free of BPA and volatile organic compounds (or flammable chemicals). Furthermore, it does not use solvents, lowering its dangers to the environment and humans.

Corporate and Industrial Structures

SPF coating can protect and seal industrial structures. Ecodur 201 is different because of its enhanced capabilities.

For buildings, Ecodur 201 will introduce enhanced safety and durability that can span more than three decades.

Because of its corrosive and abrasive resistance, the specialized SPF can introduce exceptional protection for mining infrastructures. In doing so, miners can confidently invest in long-lasting, efficient, and powerful equipment without fear of rusting and brittleness.

Winter Applications Are Possible

Average SPF coating requires temperate to warm climates for accelerated drying. This requirement can delay many roofing and coating projects. However, with the Ecodur 201, SPF applicators can evenly spray your roof. If there’s no snowstorm and strong winds in the location, they can apply Ecodur 201 and dry quickly. 

Doing so eliminates downtime having to wait for seasonal installations and spraying. If you’ve already done your logistics, you won’t need to readjust your schedule drastically by using Ecodur 201 on your projects.

Corrosion-Proof and Water Sealing

One of Castagra’s primary goals with the Ecodur 201 is to become an environmentally-friendly product that uses virtually all-natural elements. Its usability with regular water and plasticized gypsum properties give it exceptional corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the material’s overall make-up enables it to perform top-notch sealing capabilities.

Additionally, they’re conveniently near-infinitely repairable because of their auto-bonding capabilities, allowing old material to fuse with new layers easily.

Greatly-Reliable Applicators in Canada

Castagra’s Ecodur 201 sees wide usage in Canada, even in recent evaluations. Additionally, Castagra only entrusts its formula’s capabilities and maximization to SPF applicators it certifies. Ener-Spray and other nominal applicators enable Ecodur 201 to be a powerful, reinforcing material protecting buildings from rusting and environmental dangers with zero issues.

If you have yet to find a reliable Ecodur 201 SPF applicator, you can always trust us at Ener-Spray to provide you with everything you need. With decades of experience and a roster of satisfied property owners, we’re greatly confident in providing you with the best results for all your projects. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.