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Do You Really Need to Maintain Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs?

Spray polyurethane foams are becoming significantly popular today because of their dependability without the added costs of re-roofing and maintaining roofs. Over time, SPF roofs can suffer from wear and tear, but resolving their issues isn’t as challenging as traditional commercial, and flat roofing material problems can get.

Self-Adhering System

A self-adhering roofing system is a roofing material installed with adhesive. It uses a gel to adhere the roof to the building to prevent leaks. This roofing system is easy to install, and it can protect against leaks and water damage in addition to fire and wind damage. The self-adhering roofing system can be installed on various surfaces, including concrete, metal, and wood.

SPF is a self-adhering system but doesn’t use adhesive. Instead, professional roofers will spray the material in even width across your previous roofing material. So, for example, factories with flat metal roofing can have SPF quickly installed without tearing off the old roof because the previous roofing material is an ideal installation surface.

Uniform Roofing Eases Problem Detection

Uniform seamless roofing is a type of roofing made up of a single layer of material and has no seams or joints. This type of roofing is used on roofs that are not meant to be replaced in the future, such as those found in factories, parking garages, and warehouses. This type of roofing is also used where it is difficult to see the roof from the ground or a building, such as in the space between buildings or on rural roads.

SPF is one such roofing material. With a seamless roofing material, you can quickly see cracks that can introduce leaks and compromises to the roofing material. Early detection allows professional SPF teams to observe and resolve the issues before they evolve and become bigger and expensive problems over time.

Quick In-House Repairs

Spray polyurethane foam is easy to repair and upgrade because it’s not a permanent material like other construction materials such as wallboard or brick. When the foam needs to be repaired, the existing foam is removed and replaced with a new layer. Likewise, when the foam needs to be upgraded, the existing foam can be scraped off and replaced with a new layer.

However, this ease in repairs doesn’t mean that anyone can do it. While an SPF spray is good to use, especially during emergencies where professional applicators cannot help you due to unfortunate circumstances, it shouldn’t be common practice for in-house teams to perform the repairs.

Professional SPF applicators understand the material’s nature, which gives them the best knowledge to spray foam across wide areas and into small cracks. However, a minor miscalculation may disrupt the uniform appearance that’s essential for SPF to function effectively without any cracks and breaches.

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