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Conventional Vs. SPF Roofing Waste Material

SPF roofing is a dependable commercial and industrial structure coating that acts as a roofing membrane like single-ply roofs. However, its application process makes it one of the most efficient and monolithic roofs that guarantee zero temperature, sound, water, and air permeation.

However, many properties do not discard the efficiency and aesthetic contributions of traditional roofing materials. They’re environmentally friendly and easy to manage with an effective maintenance team. When it comes to installation byproducts, both have differing levels. Learn more about it here.

SPF’s Precision Application

Certified SPF applicators have precise application methods using direct spray tools. In doing so, they have direct control of SPF layers and consistency. These application equipment come from renowned manufacturers that guarantee full control of SPF spray intensity and levels, making them the most accurate application and installation tools for the job.

Traditional roofing materials have limited customization because roofers have to shear off excess metal and shingle roofs. This case is the same for tiles. Therefore, while effective, traditional roofs produce much more unusable waste byproducts than SPF.

Micro-Level Customization

The liquid form of SPF before it cures, plus its set of precision application equipment makes it one of the best alternatives to traditional roofs. While not a custom application, SPF applicators can spread the material over cracks and passages on old but sturdy metal roofs. The older roofing materials act as placeholders, enabling SPF to create a monolithic layer above the roof.

If property owners need customization, SPF applicators can apply the material with various designs. Having the power to shape and introduce various material layers allows applicators to perform customizations on the spot.

Works With Hundreds of Roof Shapes

Traditional roofing materials can only work with high-slope roof shapes. Plus, if their weight impedes heavily on roofing joists, roofers will cut off the excess materials, producing a high level of unusable scrap. With SPF, you won’t have waste materials because SPF is lightweight but has heavy density. In doing so, you won’t have any excess materials, allowing applicators to conserve energy and resources simultaneously. 

SPF is fully compatible with low-slope roof shapes. As a result, employees and roofers can step on them without any major consequences, thanks to their great durability and dependable pounds-per-inch lifting capability.

Double Insulation

SPF acts as a roof and insulator at the same time, allowing budget property owners to hit two birds with one stone. However, SPFs application as both roofing and internal insulation has virtually zero waste thanks to the certified applicator’s application method. 

Clean Manufacturing

SPF has clean manufacturing methods and uses many recyclable plastics to create the best roofing materials. For example, Ecodur 201, which Ener-Spray greatly favors, has an excellent green-oriented manufacturing procedure by Castagra. Therefore, any waste SPF material the applicators can collect can send and recycle, leaving virtually zero toxic material in the environment.

To ensure your SPF roof application goes smoothly and with zero risks of waste material, use only the most dependable and experienced SPF applicators in your area. You can always count on us at Ener Spray for all your SPF application needs. Contact us today!