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Concrete Plus SPF: Facts You’ll Love to Know

SPF is a groundbreaking material with so much flexibility. It can become a roof, an exterior cladding solution, or an interior insulation enhancer. Plus, you have the benefit of having a new SPF roof within 48 hours, which is its curing time.

Concrete is a construction staple, which uses limestone, aggregate, and other crushed materials to form a malleable and capable building material. However, it has troublesome limitations, such as crumbling, moisture loosening its structural properties, and cost. Concrete plus SPF is a logical manifestation of construction engineering advancement because it brings together two solutions in one.

Fast, Practical Solution

SPF dries quickly, allowing SPF applicators to spray a layer above fully-cured concrete. In doing so, it’s a fast reinforcement material capable of introducing structural enhancements within the shortest amount of time possible.

Once the concrete dries, applicators can enhance its integrity with SPF, which dries and cures within 48 hours. They’re both a fast and practical solution to current construction requirements.

Improving Crumble Capability

Concrete crumbles due to moisture. On the other hand, closed-cell SPF repels moisture and prevents absorption, making it the best solution against concrete crumbling.

Plus, SPF’s “liquid” form is a non-moisturizing substance, allowing it to seep through concrete cracks and fissures like caulk. However, it goes beyond caulk’s limitations and introduces insulation, airtight sealing, and waterproofing capabilities.

Weight-Carrying Capacity Enhancement

SPF can handle heavy foot traffic and missile once it cures and reaches maximum strength. Concrete can handle blunt force trauma and some high velocity and density missiles. Combine the two, and you have a highly dependable floor, roofing, or wall system.

Spray polyurethane foam requires a solid foundation when used as cladding or roof reinforcement. Concrete can supply this particular requirement without fail.

Steel Rebar-Compatible Material

Concrete is perfect for steel rebar coating and reinforcement because it saps moisture before reaching the steel core. While galvanizing is the highest standard today, rebars can still suffer from massive rust and corrosion due to moisture permeation.

SPF is a special, non-moisturizing substance that can mix with concrete and introduce exceptional rebar protection against moisture. Some projects apply SPF directly on the rebar, ensuring it receives complete protection against any form of corrosion-inducing substance.

Enhanced Insulation

SPF applicators receive many requests for interior insulation projects because of their expanding and airtight-ceiling capabilities. Plus, the tight plastic fibers guarantee the highest degree of sound and temperature molecular slowing.

Many hotels, music studios, and theaters use SPF alongside traditional acoustic batts, carpets, and mattresses because of its insulating capacity. It retains both temperature and prevents sound from escaping and reflecting inside the room, too.

It’s wise to work with dependable SPF applicators with knowledge about concrete SPF applications and slab lifting to maximize SPF’s advantages when combined with concrete. You can always count on us at Ener-Spray if you have yet to find a dependable applicator. With our decades of experience and highly-educated, dependable applicators, we guarantee only the best results for all your projects. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.